NaBloPoMo: Day 6: The One With(out) my Manager

So technically I’m writing this on the 10th November due to all the excitement of moving house and not having any internet I’ve fallen behind both on NaBloPoMo and NaNoWriMo. I’m not calling them failures yet – I can go made and do an all nighter on the novel and post date my blogs lol. I WILL CATCH UP!

My Manager is on holiday for a couple of days that means I am doing orders and emails and all sorts. I’ve managed to ask my colleague to answer the phones which is a little less for me to do but that only works when she’s being co-operative.

CJ took the youth group to the fireworks at the Rugby Club, The Kiwi, My Bro and The Kiwi’s BFF went to the fireworks as well – they had invited me to go but I really didn’t fancy it for some reason – I love fireworks but I just didn’t want to go.

The Kiwi heads home tomorrow to New Zealand for three whole weeks. Today I’ve had this feeling that she’s going to miss her train – thankfully My Bro is coming to get her and take her to the station so she won’t miss it. She came running into the living room gave me a massive hug and *accidently* bumped heads and very excitedly said “I’m going home tomorrow!!!!”. I don’t think she noticed about the banging heads – I was okay – I think there is more sense than feeling there or something like that.

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