NaBloPoMo: Day 8: The One With The Birthdays

So technically I’m writing this on the 10th November due to all the excitement of moving house and not having any internet I’ve fallen behind both on NaBloPoMo and NaNoWriMo. I’m not calling them failures yet – I can go made and do an all nighter on the novel and post date my blogs lol. I WILL CATCH UP!

Today the gas ran out – we have no hot water and no heating. It wasn’t too bad in the morning because the heat was still kinda floating around lol. It was worse in the afternoon – we just have to remember to keep the doors closed and stuff like that to keep the *warmer* air in and the cold air out. CJ borrowed a fan heater from The Murf and we’re using that sparingly to keep us warm lol (after all we’d be paying more in electricity).

Today is Catinka’s birthday. I don’t see her very much now but I wish her a happy birthday if she’s reading this! Tomorrow is Mrs W’s birthday and I’m super organised and got her present Friday so I just hope she likes it 🙂 and then on Tuesday its my cousins birthday – he’s going to be 9!

Aftershock was at J and T’s it was fab – I love hanging out with their son cos he’s just so funny and so full of energy!!

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