Next Weekend….

I came to the conclusion that I’m not going to Yorkshire this weekend.

I love my best friends to bits and pieces but there is too much stuff stacked against me at the moment. I’ve not got the car as Chris may need it this weekend for the residential and that’s been in the diary since the beginning of the summer holidays so that takes shotgun on the car.

I looked into buses and train but its like 4 changes and 8 hours to get to Yorkshire where my friend lives or an alternative is to take the train or the bus to Nottinghamshire where Kewey’s boyfriend lives and catch a lift with him up to Yorkshire – again not so bad I could do this.

But by train this is nearly £40 and I’m only half way there. I’d give Kewey’s boyfriend some petrol money so that’s like £50 add onto that the £30 for a B&B and two meals and that’s over £100 for one weekend – I just don’t have that kind of money to and spend on one weekend. That’s before actually doing anything for Kewey’s birthday.

I was okay with the idea of staying in a local youth hostel which would have been like £16ish for the night. However my friends weren’t. I’m not sure if that’s including breakfast but I could buy a box of cereal and borrow a bowl and spoon from Kewey if needed (although I don’t really eat breakfast so it wouldn’t be a major thing to go without lol).

The other joke was about me camping in the garden – well in all seriousness I would lol. I can get my tent and sleeping bag to another friend’s in MK who can take it up on Friday in her car then I can take my clothes, extra layers and blankets with me. I’d sleep in my clothes and just change into a clean shirt and undies in the morning and that would be okay – wouldn’t it? Lol.

So other than transport and sleeping arrangements add into the equation that my Manager is on holiday the Friday before and the Monday after the weekend so I’m the main customer service person with assistance when needed from my colleague.

Add to that, that I’ve not been sleeping very well and all the stress that going to Yorkshire has caused I think I might check myself in to a padded cell for a few weeks – that way I might be able to get some sleep and deal with the future.

On a more positive note I have an idea for making it up to Kewey – it’s not going to be the same as me being there but hopefully it’ll balance out with fab-ness.


  1. Kate says:

    The best way to go Bedford to Scarborough is to get someone to take you to Peterborough.

    Peterborough train to York (normally an Edinburgh Waverley) then change to the Trans Pennine express (Manchester/Leeds all to Scarborough).

    I would recommend that its cheaper to break it into two single journeys, or even try breaking a single into two singles (P’boro to York, York to Scarbs).

    If she is going to move into the Cayley Halls (the ones on the campus) you could bed down on the floor quietly, strictly speaking if you got caught you’d get a fine, but Keith stayed on my floor dozens of times, and nobody cared.

    • Hannie says:

      Hi Kate thank you for this – I should have emailed you last week lol.

      I’m not going this weekend but I’ll take note for next time.

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