On the Hook…Giant Granny Square Blanket

Normally I share my projects once they are completed. However, this one I’m sharing is still in progress – given the size of it and how it’s still not finished. This is a giant granny square blanket. It’s fairly easy in design but as it gets bigger and bigger it’s taking more time to complete one round.

Giant Granny Square Project

Back in December 2016, my friend was sorting out and getting ready for the arrival of her second baby. She decided to put up for adoption a partially completed blanket along with a bundle of wool both to finish it and some extra bits. I said yes please if she had no other takers.

Giant Granny Square Project - When I adopted it

Having had it in the wardrobe or under my desk for the best part of a year I decided that it was time to get on with it. Having cleared the decks with a bunch of projects recently. I would drag this one out and make something of it. It’s now getting big (56ish groups of trebles to a side) so trying to figure out what to do with it next.

I’ve got a plan now and I’m working on it but it’s taking a little while as you can imagine! At the moment, it’s gone back on hold while I work on some bits for the Craft Fair, Mum and I are having a stall at in a few weeks. But I want to try and get it completed by Christmas – or at least in the direction of being finished! New Year, New Projects maybe?

If you follow me on Instagram I’ll be posting more updates there as it’s in progress then will be back with a finished post when it’s completed.


Project Specs

Pattern: Giant Granny Square Blanket
Pattern Source: Basic Granny Square Pattern
Yarn: Sirdar Country Style Wool Blend DK in Cream, Naturelle, Merlot, Suede and Meadow. (Colour numbers are 411, 409, 475, 474 and 614)
Date Started: (adopted) December 2016
Date Finished: In Progress
Modifications: None
Final Measurements: I will measure it up when I’m finished – it’s still growing!