Ooh! Exciting

So three more comments and I will have 600 comments – that is genuine comments rather than Spam!

Thank you to Paper Kitty who introduced me to Subu Rose who also has a blog here.

Well Subu Rose are having a giveaway of one of Paper Kitty’s Handmade books. (which can also be purchased here)

Now my favourite (well the one I like the most because I like all of the books in her shop!) Would have to be this one….it’s a Peek of Aqua.

Peeks of Aqua by The Crafty Kitten

Peeks of Aqua by The Crafty Kitten


I love it!!!!!!! (HINT: this would be fab for Christmas!!!!!! Think green and buy handmade for Christmas where possible!)

EDIT: ok so that was weird – i either lost lots of comments or didnt have those comments in the first place 🙁

Oh well!


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