Photo Cake from Caketoppers

What’s more amusing than watching Jaxon eat chocolate cake? 


That would have been watching the same toddler get bemused by the fact that his face was on a cake. Then him waving at himself before tentatively eating the cake (or more like tentatively starting the first mouthful before inhaling the rest!)

At the beginning of October, I was set two little cupcakes from Caketoppers. I’ve come across printed pictures on cakes before but have always been put off by the cost and often ended up making my own cake at home or buying a supermarket own cake.

When Sam said that the cakes were coming via Royal Mail I was a bit nervous – what if the postman squashed them or something?

Fortunately enough they are well packed in a sturdy plastic holder then surrounded with bubble wrap. They arrived on the exact day that Sam quoted too which was good. For the two little cakes this was fine but just be aware it is coming up to Christmas and there could be delays with the postage. With larger orders you can pay for courier service which might be a good move as it would be more definite when delivery would be.

Printed Cake from Caketoppers

Close up cake

In our pack of two, we had two different flavours. One was a classic sponge with white icing and the other was chocolate sponge with chocolate icing. They both come in different colour foil cases so without having to pick at them you can figure out which flavour you’re on.

With Chris being Gluten Free, one of the questions that I asked was, did they do Gluten Free cake? at the moment they don’t unfortunately – which meant he did miss out on the cakey fun.

I was pleasantly surprised by how clear the image is as you can see round the edges there are few flecks where it hasn’t printed entirely right but the it certainly didn’t affect the taste of the cake. and you wouldn’t have noticed them really.

Would I personally place an order? I’m not sure as they are quite pricey, however with my three closest friends being at least 30 miles away from me, sending them a cake in the mail for their birthday would be a really cool idea especially now that I know that the cakes travel really well in the post. A single printed cupcake is currently around £6 including postage – I guess it’s a bit pricey if I was buying a cake from the coffee shop to have with my hot chocolate but as part of a birthday present for someone who doesn’t live close to me it would be great idea.

The lovely Sam at Caketoppers has organised a little something for you my readers, if you want to try out Caketoppers for yourself you can use the discount code HAN10 to receive 10% off your order – just type it in at checkout.

You can find more information from Caketoppers on the following links:

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In exchange for this review, I received two cakes with a picture printed on them as shown in the images from Caketoppers

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    Oh wow I’ve not seen individual cup cake size photo cake toppers before very cute. Made cute by your little one

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