Results Day (BEDIA)

Results Day

The whole of August has been near enough counting down to today whether it’s been mentioned out loud or not. Today Our Sidekick received his GCSE exams results.

Before we went to bed last night, we prayed for Our Sidekick and I told him that no matter what went down today, we still loved him and we were still proud of him, because I know from when he got his mock results (and from sitting exams myself) you feel like you’ve not only let yourself down when it goes wrong but that you’ve let your parents, your teachers and your school down – I know it’s not really like that but in that moment that’s how at least I felt.

I woke up at 7am when Chris’s alarm kicked in and switched the radio on which is really unusual as normally I get woken by Jaxon and end up trying to feed him with my eyes closed lol.  While Chris got up and changed Jaxon’s nappy I work out that Jaxon had only woken the once before we went to bed and then slept through. Then it dawned on me that it’s Thursday and today is the day.

We did our normal morning routine and Jaxon had his breakfast, I shouted up to Our Sidekick and asked if he’d like a drink or some breakfast – to which he said no (I think his stomach was churning and those butterflies were the size of eagles!)

About 8:30 we got into the car and headed for the school, the school wasn’t opening until 9 but we were sort of sat there twiddling our thumbs not exactly knowing what to do so at least waiting in the car he could be first in the queue to get his results. We barely spoke in the car part from when I commented that I would wait in the car rather than coming in and embarrassing him. I sat playing on my phone, listening to the radio and chatting to Jaxon.

Our Sidekick appeared at the car at 8:55am and commented “Well I won’t be re-sitting English” at which point I was on the defensive about to tell Our Sidekick that if he didn’t have the right grades the College might ask him to resit and all that kind of thing at which point he’d climbed in the car and responded with “Because I got a C”. At which point I gave him a massive hug. He let me read the sheet as it wasn’t in an envelope or anything like that. He had two passes,, 2Cs, 2Ds, 2Es and a F grade. It looked like he’d got onto his college course but I wasn’t 100% so I told him we’d ring the college when we got in to make sure that his BTEC passes counted in the entry requirements.

He got the house phone and rang but there wasn’t an answer at first so he grabbed some toast while I updated Chris and my Parents (who were all on the edge of their seats!). Then he rang the College, he was asked a bunch of questions about his results and things like that but in they confirmed that he met the requirements and could start the course in September. At which point I said I didn’t care how cool he thought he was we were going to have a victory dance. So we jumped up and down and round in circles for a few minutes while chanting victory dance!! Then when Jaxon looked up at us I scooped him up and made him join in too.

In that next hour after all that I told Our Sidekick three times that I was proud of him  – you know just in case he had forgotten!

I emailed his Social Worker and our Support Worker so that they were upto date. I got a response back pretty promptly. 

This afternoon, I checked my email and there was one from the lady who chairs one of Our Sidekick’s reviews. I know she’s a busy lady and so for her to take time out to email me to pass on her congratulations to Our Sidekick was a big deal in a way. I think if I’m organised about it I’ll get the emails, tweets and texts printed off for him to keep for the future.

Mum and I went off to Slimming World as normal for a Thursday. Then Chris met us and we dropped off mum on the way to get takeaway to take home to celebrate. While I was in the car waiting for Chris, one of the ladies from church called (from her holiday!) to check in and see how Our Sidekick was doing. Oh I love how blessed we are by those around us. 

Today I even managed to publish my first Vlog in ages. You can see it here

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