Rock Stars and Ballerinas

Faith from Buffy The week after Valentine’s Day, it’s my friends 23rd birthday. So the following weekend there is an outing to go clubbing in MK. Now clubbing isn’t my cuppa but seeing as the theme is Rock Stars and Ballerinas I am up for the event. 

When ever we go out clubbing I always feel a little like a sore thumb as we rarely go on a Thursday which is Indie night and so I’m a little too Emo compared to everyone else out lol 

I guess at least by us all being dressed as rock stars/ballerinas I don’t feel so bad. Even at the sight of seeing Kewey’s boyfriend as Alice Cooper makes me wanna be there! After seeing The Murf as Gene Simmons from KISS I can’t wait!!!!

I’ve decided that I am going to go on a similar track as Faith from Buffy. Then again maybe Trinity from Matrix is more the look I’m going for lol.

I’m not really sure! I have a friend who is like goth-chick supremo so I might ask her if she can give me a makeover and get me ready for the party!

My friend is having a Rock Star/Ballerina fancy dress outing in MK on the 20th February – So I’ve decided I’m going to go in a long leather jacket if I can borrow one from somewhere – I’m thinking Faith from Buffy. So I need to be able to borrow or purchase a leather jacket from somewhere – think the Matrix and thats about the right line of thought – I think I’m going to have to go online or something to be able to get hold of one. (Yeah a Tutu might be easier but a tutu is less me! I get to dress up as Goth as I wanna go and not feel like a plonker!)

So everyone your mission should be willing to accept it and is where can I find a full length leather jacket thats not too expensive?

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  1. Ally says:

    If it’s more for the look rather than the feel then you could just go and buy a long, black raincoat from Matalan – I doubt many people will be able to tell the difference in a club!

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