Ruby and Branden

My friend Ruby and her hubby to be had an e-session taken by Vibrant Photography.

When Branden and Ruby got half-engaged they were on the opposite side of the world from each other. During their shoot Branden re-proposed to Ruby so that they were officially proposed – how super sweet! I’ve been invited to the wedding and I’m kinda gutted that I can’t go – It’s all the way in Australia – I looked into it to see if I could go see Loz and Sheens and do the tourist thing but every time I thought about going to Australia on my own my stomach did a back flip. Going to MK is fine it’s 30 miles down the road, going to Scotland to see my cousin again isn’t that far away in comparison and I’d be with my cousin if there were any problems. But Australia and on my own – eep! So I won’t be there in person but I am sending them the biggest hugs and good wishes.

If you click on either of the pictures and that will take you to the Vibrant Photography website, where you can see to the other photos from the shoot – and you can see the photos that they have taken for other couples.

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