seventyfive b: bassbuds review and competition

This morning just before I left the house to go to the Monster Yarns and School of Craft Fabric/Yarn sale at The Lane I checked my email and spotted one from those lovelies at FuelMyBlog.

I recognised the name and the product from two of the blogs that I regularly read. They had both talked about how much they loved their set of BassBuds headphones so I was excited to take part and replied as quick as my little fingers could type! See for your self – check out the post on Miss Geeky’s Blog and the one on Rickie Writes.

BassBuds headphones

Aah, but why am I writing about this… Well those lovelies at BassBuds are running an exciting competition – BUT the deadline is in three days! So don’t wait to enter!

Over on the BassBuds website you can enter to win tickets to the launch party next weekend as well as VIP tickets to “The Show Tour” Concert at Wembley Arena.

The prizes are as follows:

The Deluxe BassBuds Dream Package

  • 2 x tickets to the BassBuds UK Celebrity launch party
  • 2 x VIP tickets to the ‘Show Tour’ concert at Wembley
  • 1 Night stay at a London Hilton
  • 2 x BassBoomz
  • 4 x BassBuds

The Super BassBuds Package

  • 2 x tickets to the ‘Show Tour’ concert at Wembley
  • 2 x BassBoomz
  • 2 x BassBuds

Twin Buds and Boomz Pack

  • 2 x BassBoomz
  • 2 x BassBuds

But, that’s not it though! There are runner up prizes in the shape of 100 sets of BassBuds (and these can be shipped worldwide!)

So what are you waiting for – get over there and enter!

BassBuds packaging - so shiny!

This is a sponsored post and for full disclosure purposes, I received a pair of Bassbuds headphones in return for a post about the competition. Courtesy of FuelMyBlog.

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