seventyseven: this weekend i…

Joining with Sar from [Life of Love] and Syndal from Synfully Delicious.

This Weekend I… attended the yarns and fabric sale at The Lane hosted by Monster Yarns and School of Craft with my Mum. We chatted lots about various different bits discussed projects and her impending international field trip with one of friends. Also gave one lady directions to find the sale.

This Weekend I… took part in my first flash mob, unfortunately it took me so long to get into town and then to find people (not that hard but I was annoyed and getting grumpy because of the traffic) that when I got to the mob I was glad to see people. I stayed for about twenty minutes then had a call from Chris and had to go deal with things that meant I couldn’t stay for the rest of the flash mob. I’m not 100% sure how to embed the video from my iPad but you can watch it here.

This Weekend I… watched the Ireland vs Italy rugby match with My Mum, Dad and Our Sidekick. Turns out Our Sidekick doesn’t really like rugby but I think he likes the hanging out with his “foster Grandad” and so that makes rugby cool (maybe we should have stayed for the England vs Wales match)

This Weekend I… was more focused and did more chores. It did help that on Friday evening, I had fifteen minutes warning that Our Sidekick’s social worker was coming round (It then took her forty five minutes to get to us which meant that the living room and the kitchen were almost spotless!)

This Weekend I… watched My Neighbour Totoro, 5 Centimetres Per Second, Melissa & Joey and I’m A Cyborg But It’s OK. If it wasn’t for Melissa and Joey I’d have been all Korean/Japanese-d out.

Thank you #netflix. Found an interesting #anime cartoon called #5centimetrespersecond

This Weekend I… didn’t want to go church. I felt a bit rubbish. The cold was getting me down and it was raining outside. Chris dragged me out of bed and to church. We ended up at a friends house for dinner.

More and more #rain.

This Weekend I… attended my first rehearsal for Dr. Watson’s Elementary Schoo which is the production we’re doing at HowMad. It was good fun but I could hardly sing which was interesting especially when I was handed a really sensitive microphone! I also got to hear my cousin play drums. He’s pretty good.

#music #practice.

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