Shake It! Shake It!

At the moment I’m sat in the main worship area at Brickhill Baptist in Bedford. Writing this blog post is probably going to drain the remnants of my battery so it might have to be finished later. (then again playing on my phone rather than joining in the games might make me look like a really rubbish example lol.)

So why am I at Brickhill on a Friday night – well good question…..j/k.

Either Chris was asked by Tim G (the youth worker here) or Chris asked Tim if he could come and make milkshakes and spread the word about The Fountain. So I’m here helping Chris. I was in a huff earlier and was a bit mean to Chris about helping this evening but now I feel okay – I’m just a bit tired as I came straight from work (I work like 15 minutes walk up the road from the church building.)

So far we made like 6 shakes but its just the first of two youth meetings tonight (11-14s is at 6:30 and then the 15-19s start at 8 I think).

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    • Hannie says:

      We made about 30 ish on Friday at the youth group – it was awesome – the shakes went down a storm!

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