So, our family went from two to three recently. Don’t worry you didn’t secretly miss me pop a baby out of thin air (or have a moment like those Mum’s who don’t they are pregnant until they go into labour).

Our Sidekick who had been staying for weekends and odd nights in the holidays is now staying on a more permanent basis – at least for now.

So we are now the 3 Musketeers lol. (Yes I am that cheesy that I called us that! Then again it’s just as cheesy as me standing in the hallway and shouting “SUPERHAN!” before standing on one leg pretending to be SuperMan!

So meet our sidekick……

Our crazy rockin' family

So life doesn’t go to plan, you think you know how it’s going to go and then you get thrown a curve ball but actually that doesn’t need to throw your life completely. The biggest thing I’ve learnt is to trust that God has plans for me and they are bigger than my own plans. I had this plan that I’d be a Mum to my own little baby who would be half me and half Chris but that’s not quite how the plan is going at the moment and although it threw me and did stress me out I’m getting with the program now lol. As a Kid, I think I was always under the impression that to do what God had planned for me I’d have to move to the tiniest remotest village in Africa and teach kids about God, but as I’ve grown up I think I’ve realised that my Mission Field doesn’t have to be thousands of miles away from home, my mission field can be my town or my county – if all the missionaries go to Africa or China or Russia or somewhere distant then who is a missionary to the people groups here in the UK and maybe it’s not going to save thousands of people but by being there for Our Sidekick, me and Chris could be teaching Our Sidekick the right ways so that he can go and save thousands or be a fab missionary somewhere crazy. So maybe this is my mission field and my mission is to be a foster mum/big sister/generally awesome and caring person towards Our Sidekick! (very excited now lol), Yeah it’s not as sunny as doing YWAM in South Africa like my friend Suzie, or going to YWAM UON in Hawaii like other people but I’m here and I’m staying.

Me, Chris and Our Sidekick were prayed for at Connect Group a few weeks back (or maybe it was only two and it seems longer ago!). The Murf and a couple of other friends all agreed that this needed to be said – and they were so right!

Do not be pressured by what other people might think of you.
We well stand by you and support you whatever you decide.
We love you just the same.
God loves you just the same.

So even if it seems like the plans that God has for you are too big for you to handle, pray about it and trust in him that he’s got the whole plan laid out in front of him.

Now I have some other bits to do and then I’m assisting with Science Homework.

Science homework

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding Proverbs 3:5

Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Matthew 11:28


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