Sunday 30th November

 It’s here. 

Today is the last day of NaBloPoMo. It’s also the last day of NaNoWriMo but we won’t go there! I’ll let you see my story at some point but for now it’s just my blog posts.

November has been eventful in my family and friendship group. There was a death and a funeral. I’ve been ill (and I am ill as I write this post). There was a reunion and my best friend got a new boyfriend (he’s apparently lovely but I’ve not met him yet as he lives up Nottingham direction!). I’m in the process of hosting my 6th swap on Swap-Bot (yeh 6 thats correct! I’m gobsmacked as I thought it was less than that)

As I look towards Decemeber I get kinda scared! On the 19th I’m singing two “solos” as part of the band at the Carol Service in Renhold (7 or 7:30pm at the Village Hall if you’re interested!!!) Then the choir that I am MD-ing for it performing on the 21st Dec (10:15am or 4pm at Russell Park Baptist Church, Bedford – again if you’re interested). Theres also the Christmas Fair thing in town as part of Hope thats on the 13th Dec. There’s a work christmas party to fit in there as well! We’re going bowling and then for dinner which could be interesting as I think I suck at Bowling! 

Anyhoo even though I am ill I need to get off my sick bed and get dressed. There is a high speed run through of the songs for the choir at the end of church and at present I can’t sing and can barely talk so it should go really well!

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  1. Kat at Tough Girl 101 says:

    Is there any chance you would post a vid of you singing? I think I’d be one of many who would love to see or hear you sing.

    • God's Rock Angel says:

      Maybe one day when I am better. I’ve posted videos of me talking to the camera on YouTube but I don’t think there are any of me singing! I will see what I can do 🙂

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