The Friday Read: No 13

The Friday Read

Your Favourite Travel Book

I don’t actually know lol. I tend to get a new travel guide each time I go to another city. I have a Paris on by Moleskine which is more of a notebook with maps and a few details but I love it all the same – I wanted to keep a journal of sorts last time we went to Paris. I took notes of the routes I took on the metro, which station I got on at and which one I got off at things like that. I guess it’s more of a notebook rather than a travel guide.

If it needs to be a travel guide book, I tend to start with Lonely Planet or Dorling Kindersley and then go from there – I spend like half an hour sat in the travel section in Waterstones and see which one takes my fancy and doesn’t cost a lot. I always have a flick through before I leave the store because sometimes you want one with lots of pictures and less information but then other times you want one with lots of information and less pictures. I know probably makes no sense.

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