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As you may or may not been aware, I’ve been applying for new jobs over the last two weeks-ish. (I’ve decided I need a shirt like this!!!)

Something dawned on me this morning. I have a degree – which shows one thing but it’s in performing arts so it makes me think – what if I can’t get a job because it looks like I just want a job till I hit the big time or something like that (like a waitress in Hollywood who’s doing that till Mr Spielberg, Mr Tarantino or Mr Lynch etc wants her)

(N.B. This is not me, Bedford isn’t the backend of beyond but ifI want to make it in Showbiz here is no the place lol.)


The other thing about finding a new job is that you can’t get a job without experience but without experience you can’t get a job. It’s so stupid some times. Why can’t life be easier somehow? And no I’m not going to lie on my CV.

The idea of going self-employed/setting up my own business has crossed my mind a few times but I don’t know what I’d do.

Both my Grandad’s were self employed before they retired. G-dad B was a carpenter – but did all sorts! G-dad S on the other hand was an upholsterer. Both my Mum and my Uncle have gone self-employed. My mum is a trained accountant so does admin and accounts for like five different little companies. My Uncle on the other hand does computer and IT stuff for one specific company but then has various bits on the side.

I look at it and it scares me lol. I’ve gotta physically be able to earn abaout the same that I am on at the moment (or at least enough to cover rent etc)

I thought about being a PA or an “Errands Girl” but I can’t think how to make it into a viable business idea (See CJ watches too much Dragons Den while I’m around)

CJ often suggests selling my handmade stuff over Etsy, eBay or Folksy but I’d have to sell around 50 pairs of earrings a week to match what I earn now and that a little nuts. (If you want to have a look I think there are some pictures on my Flickr Photostream).

I guess, I just keep applying here, there and everywhere and see what happens. Also I guess i need to improve my interview technique just in case.

Also as much as they annoy me I might try recruitment agencies and see what happens (I’ve been trying a couple of online ones but everyone keep responding with the lack of experience argument).

I’ve done a couple of temp-ing jobs through agencies but I don’t want temp roles because they can give the impression that you’re indecisive (and why would I leave the stability of a full time permanent post for a temp job that could end on Friday?!?)

Argh! So many options!!! My friend yesterday recommended a company in London who have people for sporting events and stuff like that which is fine but my wages would be covering train tickets rather than anything else! I guess i could crash as Kez’s but that wouldn’t be fair on her if I did it lots.

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