The One at The Gadget Show

The next challenge was a roller coaster one, the idea being that the winner would be the one who was the calmest. They should a video of Ortis on a roller coaster and he kept screaming.

A bit later in the show there was an appearance from the Titan the Robot – this is the same robot we saw at Butlins. I still think it’s great but That Boy is convinced that it’s a person in a suit rather than an actual life size Robot.

The last challenge was on the idea of make your own tech, so Jason had made his own jet pack and Suzi had borrowed one. (Sorry this one did let the team down – they were attached to harnesses and a pulley system to pull them out over the audience and then take them back to the stage) It was quite fun though cheering on Suzi as loud as possible! Towards the end there was a performance by Feeding The Fish. They are “a company specialising in the creation and performance of top visual juggling shows”.

The performance was really clever – they were waving around what looked like colour changing fluorescent tubes (like you get in office lights) but when they started “chopping” the lights in half and quarters and then sticking them back together so they couldn’t be fluorescent tubes (as there is gas in the tube and things like that).

Apparently the lights are programmed and stuff like that to create the pretty patterns.

The final challenge involved three (or maybe four) people trying to pack a tent back into the case while being sprayed with water (it’s rain!) and standing in the path of a high powered fan (it’s wind!), it was quite funny as these people tried to get the tent back into the case (it was one of the pop up ones that had been used in a challenge on the show).
Literally as soon as the SuperTheatre bit finished people started moving towards the exits, we got up and moved out of our seats but then got stuck in the crush to get out lol (So much so that I got to the end of my row and was nearly pushed down the stairs lol) Anyhoo we made it down the stairs in one piece and headed back into the main arena. As we were queue for the door, Jason went past us in the opposite direction, he was kinda doing the conga.
On our way round we got stopped by one of the sales people on the NPower stand. That Boy asked a question about green power and where their power comes from. The sales lady was well and truly floored by his question. She went off and  looked for a leaflet and came back, explained that they didn’t have one but she’d grab her manager – oh he was so rude! I get that it was busy and we asked a strange question but he was so rude! He was really not a good example of Customer Service.

A little while later after we were wandering round there was a guy who had put my idea into practice lol. He had his twitter name printed on the back and the front of his shirt! What a genius idea lol.

Me and two of the twitter girlies had chatted about having an impromptu meet up while at the show seeing as we were all going to be in the same area of the country. I wasn’t able to meet up with @Rosevibe as she was on a mission to cram in as much as possible in one day lol. I did however get to meet @SuchAGoodGirl – I think I proved that there are really people on Twitter! @SuchAGoodGirl was super lovely – although I think both That Boy and her OH couldn’t keep up with us lol.

We walked past a stand that had statues and models made of recycled metal. There were two giant statues that were like 7 or 8 ft tall – my brother actually wanted the price of it – he threatened to put it in his room – I pointed out that it would go through the floor if he managed to get it to his bedroom in the first place lol. He then said about putting it in his garden but when I pointed out that a 6 inch statue was £30 ish, a 7/8ft statue was going to be in 4 figures lol.
I thought about getting him a smaller one for it but it was just so much money for something so small – if he had been for his birthday or something like that I might have got it for him.
At about 2ish That Boy decided that he needed a sit down. I was tired but I was just loving all the new things to look at. I decided that I would go and get a copy of Dot.Robot by Jason Bradbury and see how long the queue was. I timed it just about right to get there as the queue doubled in length while I was stood there – I even started reading the book in the queue lol.

While Jason signed the book I said how it was nice to meet him in real life instead of chatting via Twitter – I think he was a little freaked out lol. I got a hi-five which was awesome – I hadn’t realised that That Boy was trying to take my picture as I walked away from the signing desk.

One of the last stops of the day ended with us watching 3D TV on the Sony stand – it was interesting but I was really quite tired and had was mentally like blown away by all the good bits I’d seen.

I’d been tweeting nearly all day on and off, I’d been tagging and @-ing any people that I mentioned. At about 8ish I had looked back over some of my tweets and for about 10 minutes was convinced that I’d been spelling Suzi’s name wrong on my tweets. So I posted this tweet:

We went to a supermarket local to the NEC and got some tea – I had heard my phone go off twice in the car but was concentrating on driving. There two messages – one made me want to cry out of sadness and the other made me want to smile from ear to ear. I can’t tell you readers what the sad one was but I can tell you want the good one was. I got a text telling me that I had a DM on Twitter. I had a look and it was from Suzi Perry. It was short and sweet but it was lovely to get a message from her especially as her day was like 3 or 5 times more busier than mine – and it’s not like she could have down time or be in a bad mood because she’s on show when she’s walking round the show and things like that.I had the best time at the show this year, from something my Mum’s friend suggested – it’s worth going every other year rather than every year so that you have that development and things like that. I was shattered Friday morning so I’m glad that I’d taken both days off – I got up on Friday morning to return the car to the rental place. I came home and was too awake to go back to sleep again so I curled up on the sofa and for most of the day watched Chuck Season 1. I did do some productive bits but that was the main activity of the day was to sit in front of the TV and not do anything.

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