The One with Lots of Tears and My Brothers CDs

So before Christmas there was brief conversation of moving into a part buy/part rent flat so that we got get our foot half on the housing ladder rather than renting.

Anyhoo so now the Estate Agent has our phone number and called about a flat this afternoon and CJ has booked an appointment to look round.

It’s a one bedroom, across the road from a multistorey car park (you come out the door go round a brick wall and cross the road and walk into the entrance). It’s off Tavistock Street which is like the Golden Mile of takeaways and adult shops. At the end of the street there is a sheltered housing building run by the YMCA – I think.

I am not at the stage of considering moving house. I know that I’m not business minded and the economic status of the UK is a little confusing for me at the moment but I don’t think moving house is the option. I’m not saying never I’m just saying not at the moment.

Before I left work The Big Cheese had a chat with us all about a bit of shake up thats happening which means there will be more work all round (including the semi-need for me to learn business French and/or German/Dutch)

I checked my phone and CJ had called me and texted me which seemed out of character as if it was desperate he has my direct line so he could have just called (and as i checked the voicemail before I left I would have seen any messages)

I called him as I attempted to leave work (the downstairs door wasn’t working and so I had to go upstairs) and he explained about the message and how the Estate Agent had rang and all this – which got me would up seeing as we’d already decided we weren’t going yet. (Add to this that he’d spoken to my mum before me about it)

– I got home and he jumped in the car and wanted to go have a look at the flat so we did and that started another argument because I’d already been to have a look as it’s on my way home. I think CJ has gone to my parents house as I locked him out. (I was seriously not in the mood for round two)

Anyhoo so it got sorted out in the end (it’s taken me like 6 days to finish this post as my weekend was a little nuts!) We’ve looked at some more properties and we’re going to keep looking in case we find one we like.

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  1. Lex Fear says:

    I feel compelled to warn you under NO circumstances get a shared-ownership.

    With shared-ownership you have all the problems of ownership and all the problems of tenancy combined – just do a google for “shared ownership problems” and you will read from first hand experience.

    I also wouldn’t recommend buying now anyway – we’re about to enter a depression and then inflation, house prices are right now a “bull-trap” or “dead cat bounce” whichever term you prefer. It basically means they are going to rise slightly then fall like you’d never believe. Buying now means negative equity and a life of hardship for the first few years.

    Wait a year or two, believe me, the money you’re going to spend on a shared-ownership now will buy you a bigger house for full ownership later.

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