The One With New Blogs

I found lots of new blogs from here there and everywhere. Some I have pretty pictures for – others are just links 🙂

Finding Everything Lovely

First up is Finding Everything Lovely, I love her blog – there are so many colourful pictures (and some black and white!) but there are lots of pictures. She aims to post three times a week so you get lots of love but not too much that your RSS is exploding!

Bird Trouble

Visit Bird Trouble

Next us is Bird Trouble, Alex is the lovely awesome authoer of this blog. tThere are lots of pictures posted here. There are books and other bits,  there are often random thrift store finds – so many of them are cool and funky.

Cute Stew

visit cute stew

Next up is Cute Stew, Melly Kay is the author. She is another lovely person who posts plenty of pictures hehe. She also loves Blythe (i <3 blythe but she’s a little expensive sometimes lol). Cute is the operative word for Melly Kay’s blog – it is cute all over!!!

I found this funky picture on her blog post here.

St Vicious

St Vicious is also known as Sophie, she’s an English Girlie like me. Often her posts start with “I Heart….”. Sophie also has an Etsy Store which is called GeekyNeko.

I found this image on St Vicious‘s blog but I can’t attribute it to whoever took it.

Crazy Crazy Crazy

Michal Lynn is the author of this blog. It’s called Crazy Crazy Crazy. She doesn’t have a pretty button but I found this picture and it should link to her blog 🙂

Beautiful Bridget Designs

Beautiful Bridget Blog Badge

The author of this fab blog is called Kim and she has an Etsy store called Beautiful Bridget. She makes fabulous knitted and crochet creations. She makes fab gloves and scarves and other bits and pieces. You can also find her work here.

I *LOVE* this hat.


p.s. it only took me a few hours to write this post as I had to keep trying to break a site that, That Boy is working on and he knocked over my drink lol.

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