The One With The Confusion

I sometimes think alot about me and how I react to certain things.

On Saturday we had our house warming which meant that the house was full of people and it was amazing and so much fun – especially the 7m long drinking straw. My In-Laws had brought some comically big drinking straws – they were like 70cm long each – we managed to get about 10 or 11 joined together and still managed to drink our concoction that me and Kewey had made in a jug. The Shopaholic was our team mate too – she made sure that the straw didn’t come out of the jug while we were sticking straws together and trying to get to the living room.  

But this evening we’re due to be going out for dinner with a group of people from church and in all honesty I don’t particularly want to go. Watching a DVD and eating KFC with my brother and my housemate sounds like more fun. This evening is a meal for the people who work in the church office. Mrs Mow Mow was due to be there but now she can’t make it so I have the feeling that I could end up parked up one end on my own while CJ talks shop – I could sit there and play on Twitter but then it would look like I’m being unsocial. Then again could text JD as she’s babysitting this evening lol.

Argh I don’t know! Why do I like being in a crowd some days but then hate it others? How does that work?

I checked earlier and the present that I send for the Bloggers Secret Santa Swap as organised by MissGeeky had arrived at it’s destination. I’m really excited and am just waiting for it to be blogged about, but I am also a little nervous about it all at the same time lol. I am such a freak somedays!

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