The One With The Flat

No not flat in the context of housing. A flat on my car at my friends house in town – on Sports and Societies night – so lots of drunken rugby and football players hovering around.


So I headed off to Connect Group as normal and about two corners from Zoza’s house my car decides it’s got a flat – so do I stop on a double yellow bay in the middle of town or do I carry on to Zoza’s House. Anyway so I decide park outside her house it’ll be fine. I’ll go to the garage on the way home and get the tyre pumped up again.

So I go into Connect Group – two hours and a bit later I come out – it’s really bad the tyre is coming off the rim and there is no way I can drive it to the garage in that state (let alone re-inflate it with it not on the rim properly).

I get it to the other side of the street so that I’m not blocking Zoza’s driveway  (there’s really only one space for a car and her house mate needs that). So I pull to the other side of the street just as my Friend’s Mum arrives – she points out that I have a flat and do I want her to wait with me. I say “Nah, it’s okay I’m going to call my Dad” She heads inside to collect my Friend.

I’m outside, got the spare, jack and tyre iron in hand getting ready to try and jump on the iron and release the nuts on the tyre (yeah okay so my Dad had to jump on it there was no way I was going to move it on my own but for arguments sake – I eased it off for him hehe) So I call my Dad.

(Something like this)

“Dad, erm I need your help”

“(sleepily)Yeah, what’s up?”

“I have a flat, I need your help, can you come save me? I’m at Zoza’s house” (Okay so my Dad doesn’t know who Zoza is and so I give him her address, obviously not going to post it here lol)

“Okay I’ll be there soon (irritated and annoyed voice)”

So my Dad arrives. I am really happy that he’s there but already mega irritated at myself for not just going to the garage and doing the tyre rather than carrying on driving to Zoza’s House.

My Dad isn’t normally grumpy and to be honest it was probably just his bluntness catching me off guard that upset me rather than what was actually said – if that makes sense to anyone!

I guess I was just a little wound up from standing in middle of a semi dark street feeling like an idiot. Then my Dad says what he says and then I want to burst into floods of tears – I was already a bit tense from standing there in the street on my own. I had put my phone in my pocket on vibrate rather than loud so I didn’t attract unwanted attention and held on to the tyre iron till my Dad got there (okay so it was town it was reasonably busy – I was pretty close to Zoza’s House so I think I would have been able to run and bang on her bedroom window (she has a downstairs room) before being caught or anything anyway – too many crime shows etc over active imagination)

Anyway so he changed the tyre and I (wo)manned the jack – got it in the wrong place the first time round but got it there the second.

Anyhoo it’s bed time and I feel all down – I had had a really good evening until then. I’m going to go to the garage tomorrow and see how much two tyres will be and when they can get replacements in. I already needed one replacement because it’s balding (Yes officer I am doing the proactive thing and going to get a replacement now). I’m going to see if they can do a deal on two tyres – then again they might put the first back on the rim and blow it up and find that it’s fine.

Right Night night 😀

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    • God's Rock Angel says:

      I was close enough to home that they might not have come out to rescue me. Also I think my Breakdown cover has lapsed. Most times when I’ve broken down I’ve been close enough to home that I could walk or a family member has been able to rescue me luckily lol.

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