The One With The Good Samaritan

I got up this morning and was feeling queasy and really hot. I pointed this out to Chris and he thought it might just be that because we had the gas supply changed yesterday it might be working efficiently. (To me this made sense this morning lol) I thought it was just because I went to bed with back ache following trampolining, so just decided to get on with the day and I’d see how it went.

Well it didn’t. I got to work at 10 to 9 and sat in the car for a few minutes to try and pull myself together and mentally get it together to go into work. I got out the car and walked round the other side to get my bag and lock the car (long story to why I can’t lock it from the drivers side – although CJ can lol)

It got worse and I knew I was going to be ill. It was too late – I had no time to run for the nearest bush (there are like no bins in our car park!) I threw up there and then in the car park.

I managed to pull myself together and was about to phone work when I threw again :(.

(Yup oh dear!) So I am just deciding what I want to do and how i’m going to get home if I do leave.

A lady pulls past me in her car and I think nothing of it – it’s 9am in our car park there are lots of cars all around. She parks up and comes and stands next to me. She asks me “Are you okay?” She then realises what a silly question she just asked and rephrases her question.

We have a little chat and I decide that I need to go home I’m in too much of a state to go into work.

I think over whether I can drive home and to be honest I was peaky and thought I may keel over! The lady then offers me a lift home and somehow it doesn’t cross my mind that this lady is a complete stranger and I have no idea who she is.

I phoned Ali and told her that I had been ill and that I was going home. Also that I would email The Big Cheese and my boss to let them know what had happened.

I accept her lift home and on the way we chat about where we work and things like that. I apologise to her and say that I’m sorry if she’s going to get in trouble for being lovely. She then says that she stayed extra late the night before so she has an excuse to be a little late.

I got home and the first thing I did was to email The Big Cheese and my boss. I then slept on and off for most of the day. A few times in my woken up state I replied to emails that my colleagues had sent me asking me about stuff that I was in the middle of. Unfortunately I couldn’t describe where one of the orders were so I’m glad that when I checked my emails later they had found the order and were able to process it.

So now it’s 8:44 and I’m watching the BAFTA‘s on iPlayer while avoiding doing my appraisal document!!

Anyhoo I can’t avoid it any more ttfn….


    • Hannie says:

      I am feeling better thanks. I went back to work today but am really shattered now lol. Might go wash my hair and then curl up in bed

      Thank you 🙂 CJ redesigned it for me – he’s so talented!

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