The One with The iPhone VS BB Bold

iPhone Versus Blackberry (or Blueberry as I refered to it earlier)

iPhone 3G

So I’ve been both an iPhone and a Blackberry user. I had a 1st Gen iPhone from March 2007 till the summer last year when my contract was up. I then had to decide whether to just renew my contract, upgrade to a iPhone 3G (or wait for the 3GS like CJ) or go for something different. Well I chose the third option and although the Palm Pre looked fabulous it hadn’t come out in the UK yet so I looked at getting a Blackberry, the spec in comparison did look a bit better and there was the whole price tag to contend with. However about six months into the new handset (Blackberry Bold) the novelty is wearing off and admittedly I am thinking why I gave up on the iPhone.

At the time my iPhone didn’t send MMS and although it looked like it was on the horizon I wasn’t sure about it (I’m not exactly sure why now lol). I went to my Blueberry and look the MMS doesn’t work and each time I phone O2 I’m fobbed off with one excuse or the other (the latest one is about turning it on and off and re-downloading the service books – I’ve already done this multiple times myself and it’s not working!)

Whereas my brother and CJ who both have iPhones send MMS backwards and forwards like the phone always had that function. My Blueberry crashes and I don’t mean like the iPhone where is freezes and then closes the app – my Blueberry crashes and the only way I’ve found to sort it out is to take the battery out – it’s probably not the best option but it’s the only thing that words – when it’s crashing it won’t even switch off using the power button. On the other hand the Blueberry did have a proper keyboard and that’s what I was struggling with on the iPhone. So….

Dear RIM,

We’ve been good friends for six months ish now but when my contract is up in 12ish months I am going back to Apple or finding another phone that does what it needs to when I need to do it. I’m sorry Rim, it’s been a beautiful friendship but it’s just not working.


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  1. David says:

    I have been using a Nokia E75 for ages quite happily although I did have a filrt with a Sony Xperia X1, on Windows Mobile, because I had started to miss the touch screen I had gotten used to with my previous Win Mob device I have switched back to the E75 because it just does things so much better, also has VoiP capabilities built in which is a fantastic benefit to me and also I especially love the twitter app (Gravity) that I use on the Nokia.
    I have toyed arround with getting a Nokia N97, which does have a touch screen, but to be honest as I am still well under contract I will stick it out with the E75.
    The main thing I am missing that I had on the Win Mob device is the Bible software with the ability to make/take notes alongside the verses. but other than that I am not missing it.
    Ironically the E75 syncronises much more sleekly with my Office Outlook programme than the Win Mob devices ever have.
    I dont think I would get on with the iPhone as I would just hate the restriction of not being able to run multiple apps at a time.
    I am really tempted by the new gen Nokia N900 which is like a cross between a smart phone and the iPad but even this looses some of the features currently available to me on my E75!

    • God's Rock Angel says:

      I’ve kinda gone out of favour with Nokia’s. I think a lot of mobile phone companies are trying to be iPhones and it’s just not working for them. They lose functionality because of it.

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