The One With The Meeting

On Friday I have a review with my manager and the Big Cheese. I’m kinda scared and excited lol. How random is that?! I’m scared because it could go like last time. It was horrible – at one point I ended up getting really worked up (possibly verging on hyperventilating). On the positive side it could go better, I could have made it back from the brink.

I have this meeting and they want to discuss how I am doing in my job and what can be do to help me focus and be efficient. Personally I think that I have been more efficient and more focused – I do have days when I get distracted – in recent weeks they were in the first week and a bit after coming back from Christmas. I was still fighting the bug I had over Christmas (which actually turned into a chest infection and I ended up having 5 days off work) and there was my Great Grandma’s committal which did all weight on my mind a bit. I guess to be more efficient a new computer that runs quickly and doesn’t crash too often might be nice but I don’t think that’s an option lol.

I have lots of positive bits to say and requests for more information – we have a product range and whenever we get calls about it the calls get passed through to me which I don’t mind because I feel special and wanted then but I am really struggling as I don’t always have the relevant knowledge at my finger tips. (I am a sponge send information my way – I like it lol) I can blag and offer to call back but sometimes people what the information there and then.

My major negative point is that my Manager and I don’t communicate very well. We sit next to each other but can actually go for whole days without talking to each other – or having the shortest conversation about the labels going to the warehouse at about 3pm and that’s it.

On the other hand me and JD have our hair brained scheme that we keep joking about and I’ve been asked to do an article about a friends film premiere – all in all I think it’s balancing out again, maybe, at least for now.

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