The One with The Power

I slipped down the stairs about 20 minutes ago.

I cried because I hurt myself. I mainly caught my hip and my bottom. I also got carpet burn on my palms and have noticed that I caught the knuckle on my little finger (it’s a little puffy so i’ve also taken my rings off just in case. It’s not properly hurting thats how I’m managing to write this.)

Once I worked out that everything hurt I made sure I could move my arms – just in case I needed to drag myself into the living room and find my phone and call someone. I guess I’d have decided that when I got to the phone or something.

Anyway I picked myself up off the floor and parked myself on the floor in the living room and decided to tweet about it (I also texted CJ but I think he’s asleep at his new friends house in London)

My first response came in from @CiarOD in New York. Yup the first worried person was across the Atlantic, followed by @SuchAGoodGirl about a minute later who is a UK lady too – I think that points out the power of Twitter at least a little bit. It would have been more interesting if I’d tweeted that I’d broken my leg or something and then through the links that are formed over Twitter an ambulance shows up on my doorstep. Now that would be crazy but I don’t plan to try it any time soon!


  1. Hazel says:

    aw are you feeling better now? I would’ve been quicker to respond, but not very good at the whole twitter thing (would be easier if I had a funky phone like yours) – *big hugs* anyway x

    • God's Rock Angel says:

      I’m a little sore and achey but all in all it could have been a whole bunch worse!

      Miss you and Izzy bucketfulls! I have to come see you – sooner rather than later hopefully!!

  2. David says:

    Hey, Hope your feeling better today, not too stiff I hope? And to happen when Mr J was away enjoying himself! Anyhow, hope things improve, take care.

    • God's Rock Angel says:

      I’m okay. Just achey. Somehow it could have been a whole bunch worse – I could have gone head over feet or knocked myself out or something like that.

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