The One with The Top 10

Top 10 at the moment that are getting alot of airplay around my house and car.

1. You Belong With Me – Taylor Swift
2. You’ve Got The Love – Florence + The Machines
3. Hide and Seek – Imogen Heap
4. Goodnight and Go – Imogen Heap
5. Tire Swing – Kimya Dawson
6. Don’t Care If You’re Human – Abbe Smith
7. Someday Soon – Kt Tunstall
8. Superwoman – Alicia Keys
9. Samson – Regina Spektor
10. Stone Cold Sober – Paloma Faith

(I had to remove the videos as they weren’t working properly)

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    • God's Rock Angel says:

      @Katie: Yeah I think I have seen that about all the stuff she’s not going to say and then she still says it lol.

      @Rickie: I heard a bit of it on the radio yesterday but it didn’t really jump out at me – was it the version with Jay-Z or just Alicia on her own? I love Harlem’s Nocturne from The Diary of Alicia Keys album and Superwoman obviously 🙂

  1. Rickie says:

    Don’t know all of them but as you know, I love lists!
    I tend to have ‘tune of the moment’ – the one that stops me doing what I’m doing.
    At the moment it’s the v emotional (for me) Alicia Keys Empire State…

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