Things I Love Thursday – .v1

Things I Love Thursday isn’t a new series. Also, I’m pretty sure that there may already be a version 1 somewhere in the depths of this blog. However I know if I go looking for that information, I will disappear down a rabbit hole and not achieve anything right now.

Things I Love Thursday...v1

I am currently tapping this out on my rather unloved and Old Lady of a MacBook. Then again maybe that should be Old Lady MacBook (instead of Lady MacBeth…?). I got it off the bookcase this morning and attempted to charge it before coming to a meeting at Mum’s house. However, the charger wasn’t talking to the MacBook and I was a little worried it was to be the end of Old Lady MacBook. However she’s now at 59% and improving so maybe it was just she was having a small crisis.

Right anyway, things I love.

Chiari Bloggers

You Inspire Me

This post by Hannah aka The Little Golden Daffodil. Hannah’s been blogging on and off for a while but then there was a big off because of health stuff but now she’s back. I love this post from this week about people who inspire her. First up was Pascale who is a fellow blogger. But they have something else in common, both Hannah and Pascale have Chiari Malformation – although some of their symptoms differ, a lot are the same. It’s also one of those invisible illnesses. If you saw either of them in the street you would probably never ever notice something was wrong.

Feeding Kids at 3/4pm

This popped up on Facebook and I think I had a little eye roll along with “oh another thing us Mums should be doing”. Then it hit me. With Chris starting a new job this week, scheduling has been a bit loopy – he’s here longer in the mornings and gets home later than usual in the evenings. On Monday, we waited until Chris was home from work to sort tea but while fighting Jaxon to get him to eat his dinner. The penny didn’t just drop it created a crater in the kitchen floor. What if the lady writing that article on Scary Mommy had a point. So Tuesday and Wednesday, I made Jaxon’s dinner around 4:30/5 – pretty much when he kept telling me it was too early for tea but he still wanted a snack. Both times he reacted a bit like “I should still be playing as Daddy isn’t home yet” but he eventually sat down and did eat some of his food. So right now that eye roll has turned into “things I love” this week. You can read the article here. If you’re a parent, grandparent or care for children, do you find something like this works better in your house?

Random Cheesy Pop

While finishing a work task I was “desk chair dancing” to Pop by N’Sync. Now rocking out to the Jagged LIttle Pill album by Alanis Morisette. Sometimes you need cheesy pop to get things done lol.

Other bits

I love this painted tin by Anna aka Mrs Brimbles. I tried doing a dirty pour with Jaxon’s poster paints but they weren’t runny enough so it didn’t entirely work but when I’ve had some more practice, I might try this with one of the biscuits tins in the cupboard!

So Much Yarn, So Little Time

These from Lanabou – I’m sure I could find more goodies in her shop that I love!

Mind the Gap Knitting Socks

For an age and a half, I’ve been wanting to learn to knit socks so that I can make a pair for Chris in this Mind the Gap London Underground inspired yarn. (It can be purchased here).