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This Week

On about Tuesday of last week I realised that I hadn’t really been blogging. I seem to have either ran out of time or the idea of sitting down and writing something has driven me up the wall. I have been busy finishing a Christmas present and working on the giant blanket we’re making for to raise money for the Macmillan Coffee Morning on the 27th September. (I’m wondering about bribing the Scone Roses ladies with cake and see if they will assist with sewing it together – I’m allowed to do that right………well maybe I’m not lol).


With a 7:45 wake up call and not a lot to do, I decided that I’d attempt #adayinthelife. It’s always a bit of challenge to remember what you’re supposed to do and at what time – especially when you’re busy doing something rather than clock watching!

08:16am Let's try this. Good Morning. So having a nutso week still hasn't given me a lay in. @thecgbj has gone on an adventure. I'm in bed working out what i need to do today. #todolist #todo #dayinthelife

It started with this rather half asleep selfie. It’s funny how dark it looks but actually it was really light in our room! Chris had decided to go to the Men’s Breakfast at church, I’m not sure if he woke me up to tell me or if I was already awake but after he told me I was completely awake – no chance of sleeping now! Throughout the day I snapped pictures and posted them to Instagram (didn’t post to FB unless I really wanted to other wise it could have been a bit spammy!!). One particular picture had an interesting effect. This was the picture…

Oops I'm late!! 4pm hanging with my gorgeous #grandma. She's so amazing and such an encouragement. Love her to pieces!!! #renholdchapel #renhold

This is my Grandma, she’s one of the most inspiring, encouraging people in my whole life. She’s gorgeous, amazing and so lovely. We’d been chatting about what’s happening in life in general and the random people that appear in my life at the moment. She also asked about how Our Sidekick was doing and things like that. I had lots of comments coming in on the picture on Instagram and FB but was having trouble getting them because of the signal.

My parents and grandparents church was celebrating it’s 140th Anniversary this weekend so I had been up to take photos and be there as a “alumni” member of sorts lol. I even got a badge which was really exciting in a kind of nerdy way!

In the evening my Macmillan Blanket sewing buddy came to hang out with us, we worked out way through all the random TV we had recorded and sewed to our hearts content – to the extent that we didn’t realise it was after midnight when she went home – oops!


I had a bit of manic morning as I was attempting to be in two places at once! A couple of our youth leave for university this week so I was organising goodie bags with things like emergency chocolate and biscuits, as well as notebooks and pens for them to take with them to university. I dropped them off at church and then jumped in the car to go up to Renhold for the family service to celebrate the anniversary. I then jumped back in the car to go to back to church for the end of the service. I made it back to RP and stood in the foyer chatting to my friend’s Dad who was on the welcome team.

For lunch we ended up going out as a group – it was lovely to hang out but I really needed to flop in a heap somewhere quiet! Following lunch we went into town as Our Sidekick wanted to get a new phone case, I also got some new ink cartridges while we were there – I had bought a pack when we were on holiday but I’m guessing in all the packing and unpacking that they got sorted somewhere and now I can’t remember where to!

Monday morning was really bad, I was having a fight with my jeans and generally not getting on with Monday. I arrived at work about 2 minutes after 9 which wasn’t so good. I apologised to the Duty Manager and got on with my work. We even had a joke about clearly I’m not very good at Mondays and that I was very sorry.

About 10:30/11ish the fire alarm went off, we’re clearly still not that good at fire evacuations because we all sat there looking at each other questioning whether it was a drill and we’d got our days muddled of if there was actually a fire. Well after that 30 seconds looking at each other, we got ourselves moving, I grabbed my jumper on my way to the door (don’t panic! I have to walk past the coat rack to get to the door – it wasn’t like I had doubled back on myself or anything like that, and as I’d just hung it up I knew exactly where it was to grab it and swing it round onto my shoulders (actually I might have worn it like a superhero cape on my way down the stairs as it was easier than trying to put my arms in the holes lol!)

Following that we were sent back in, it later turned out to be a false alarm and all was well with the world again. Following work I popped to Interchange to look at new jeans, I still ended up at the supermarket for a new pair (which would fit fine in the store but when I put them on this morning they then were too tight!!). While in the supermarket I picked up some others bits and  bumped into JD and Mr JD (her lovely new-ish boyfriend!) . We chatted for about half an hour then decided we really should get a move on and finish our respective shopping! I came home and did tea for Our Sidekick and I. It was then time to assume the position in front of the TV and carry on with the sewing.

This evening I’ve been working some more on the Macmillan blanket. Our Sidekick and I were watching The Great British Bake Off while I sewed some crocheted squares together. Chris had to pop out so while he was out I was on dinner duty making sure nothing burnt or boiled over and things like that. We ended up eating dinner without Chris as he was running late. Having watched the first bit of The Great British Bake Off on Saturday I was all excited about making an Apple Pie, of course in our house in order to make sure the majority of mouths can eat it, I had to make sure that the pastry was gluten free. I kept meaning to look for a recipe but hadn’t got round to it. I posted it as a status to see if I could crowd source a recipe and that lovely crowd came to my rescue.

Unfortunately the gluten free ingredients in our cupboard didn’t fit the bill, so will a little puzzling I decided on Eve’s Pudding as it’s basically apples with sponge on top. I found a recipe here on The English Kitchen and used that as a starting point for the pudding. I ended up doubling the mixture as our dish was bigger than the recipe asked for and by that point I was on about 2lbs of apples as per my apple pie recipe! Oops! (The English Kitchen says for 100g of apples! Then again our cooking apples are quite big so might not have worked so well).

#evespudding. Yay!!! #glutenfree

I had the idea of pudding some cinnamon on top of the apples before pudding the pastry on top so figured I’d try the same just before pudding the sponge mix on. I think as you need to smooth it out before pudding it in the oven it would make more sense to put the cinnamon on the apples while laying out the layers rather than sprinkling on top as the sponge mix then picks it up and you end up with clumps.

Having munched our share of Gluten Free Eve’s Pudding, I’m now sat at the kitchen table writing this, hopefully burning some calories while typing seeing how I’m pretty sure that Eve’s Pudding wasn’t as friendly to my waist line as it is to Chris’s intestines!

Perfecto!! #glutenfree #evespudding

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