Tomorrow is My Birthday

Around this time a few years ago I finally got round to writing a bucket list. Things I wanted to achieve by the time I was thirty. Well some were a bit daring and crazy so when I found out that I was expecting Jaxon in October 2014 (18 months ish before the finish line) some of the choices had to be changed, some of which were easy to change out and others weren’t so easy.

It’s my birthday tomorrow. A couple of presents have arrived and there are a couple of birthday cards waiting to be opened too.

So here is the list of completed goals:

  1. One thing that scares me – DONE
  2. One thing that I’ve always wanted to do – DONE
  3. Become a Mum – DONE
  4. Get a new job……or vocation – DONE
  5. Trust God to provide me with something bigger than I’ve ever trusted him before (money, house, etc) – DONE (but still ongoing!)

Yes all that time and that’s what I have to show for it!

But other things have happened in that time too. I left my 9 to 5 to have a baby and then rather than going back to work I became my own boss. Yup kind of scary but I did it. I regularly do networking as part of that, some of which is face to face, which also isn’t exactly in my comfort zone – it’s easier to network from behind my computer at home in my pyjamas (Well sometimes!). I join in with BedsHour nearly every week and made some good friendships with people that I’ve met through there. At the beginning of the year, we started the motions to move to a new church. We’re now semi-settled in our “new” church having finished up various rotas and duties at the “old” church. We popped by the old church for the AGM last weekend and were despatched off to our new adventure! We’ll still keep in contact with our lovely friends from the old church though.

Getting to my target weight had been on my bucket list or at least to be the healthy bracket – I think at the last check I’m still about a stone overweight before reaching the normal bracket (I’m back over 11st as of today’s weigh in. That puts me at 1st 9lbs lost). I seemed to stall a month or two ago and sort of loose all motivation for it. Yes, I wanted to the lose the weight but my will power to fight cake and biscuits was too little. So that’s one for pre-31. One stone, one year – that’s more than achievable. I need to do more research into low syn/syn free snacks – fruit is obviously a good choice but some days it just doesn’t cut it. At the beginning of March I ended up working at home all day on the Saturday, Chris had cut up lots of fruit and vegetables so that I had a selection plate of sorts – in the end, I didn’t finish all of it. We’re still going to Slimming World but because of how it clashes with Jaxon’s tea time and bed time we’re not able to stay for Image Therapy – maybe this is why I am unmotivated – who knows. I’ve been trying to get out more and exercise more and so far it seems to be working. Two of my friends and I are having a bit of a crazy moment and in September are walking a marathon. You can find more info here. Since Chris moved job back in October, he ended up taking the car 99% of the time so when the weather is on my side I walk lots, actually sometimes when the weather isn’t on my side I’ve ended up walking home – one time Jaxon was all snug wrapped up in his buggy and I think he dozed off while I fought a down pour to get us home. I think the furthest I’ve walked in one day is around the 10 mile mark so need to get working on it. Tomorrow we have a rest walk to figure out how quick we can cover a mile.

So tomorrow I turn 30 and I want to start on my next list. Let’s do this thing…

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