Veg Out: Friday 2

Veg Out with Elycia

I failed.

I did really well for lunch – although the Coronation Chicken and Sweetcorn was calling me I was very good and had Egg Mayo sandwich and Salt and Vineagar Crisps.

It was dinner that failed me. I didn’t really get a proper lunch break and so but the end of work I just wanted to flop. My brother and the Kiwi were getting Maccy D’s and I didn’t think about it and got the my usual, Chicken and Bacon wrap. Well there we go I failed. It suddenly dawned on me as I sat doing some work stuff for my Mum that I’d eaten meat on my day that was supposed to be meat free. Issues.

So I failed and I feel really bad that I failed. So Monday and Friday of next week are going to Veg Out days.

Sorry Elycia.

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    • Hannie says:

      Egg Mayo – You boil an egg so the middle is solid. Then you leave it to cool – when it’s cool enough you chop it up into little chunks and stir in mayonnaise – that easy 🙂

    • Hannie says:

      Well I rolled it over to Monday so this week I’ve had a double whammy lol. I just need to sort some dinner for tonight.

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