What A Week-ish! Pt 1

What a Week!

You would have thought that having had 11 days off work, I could have at least written one or two normal posts.  (Rather than ones for the 30 Songs series). Today I was back at work and all in all I feel like I’ve completely forgotten how to do my job lol. I answered the phone and had a complete mind blank – not a good start! Let’s hope this week gets better!

So anyway back to the 11 days off – what did I do all “week”!

Good Friday
Well Good Friday started with Church – over the Easter weekend I went to 4 different services – then again my friend went to about 6 and that was just on Good Friday – I’m not sure how he managed to mount up that many I think he was just trying to prove he’s more holy than me lol. After the first two services on Good Friday we went out for lunch with some friends – this was kinda plan B to what we had planned when we headed into town but it was still good, we got to spend time with friends which was the main thing. I had a burger and chips and my friend’s kids had a plate of nachos to share as they’d already had lunch – my friend’s daughter kept offering me nachos – in the end I swapped some chips for nachos lol. While we were at dinner Mr W commented about how his new baby girl is like the laziest baby ever.

At the evening service, a group of us sang Wonderful Grace – thankfully me, The Kiwi and Tubi remembered our parts and it seemed to go okay – even though each time we’d rehearsed it was different lol.

At the end of the service me and The Stig were stood at the back of the chapel and he was playing me random music from his iPod including a song called Blessed with a Curse by Bring Me The Horizon – the DJ on the radio has been playing it a lot – can’t say it’s my first choice but was quite funny to be stood in church listening to it.

Easter Saturday
I don’t remember what I did all day lol. I think I did stuff round the house but now I can’t remember lol. On the other hand I’m pretty sure most of the day was planned around getting to Mum’s to watch the new episode of Doctor Who. Am a bit dubious of having both Amy and Rory as sidekicks but we’ll see how the series goes. (SPOILERS sweetie lol. What about the baby? Or not I guess it depends which episode you’re upto!)

Easter Sunday
I think this was one of the rare occasions that I wasn’t at my home church for Easter Sunday. The group I sing in were leading the service at Howard Memorial Church in Cardington. I was also doing the talk which was all kinds of scary but it went well – or at least it seemed to go well. I even posted my notes in the evening.

Following church we went back to RP to say hi to everyone, got some rude comments about being too late for church or that I missed the service lol. I got a hug with Mrs W’s new baby girl. Mrs W had started feeding her but the milk in the bottle was too cold (well actually I think it was kinda room temp but I guess babies are a little more particular about the temperature), I got to hold her while Mrs W warmed up the milk for her. I had words about her being so lazy – not sure Little One really was listening seeing how she was like 9 days old but it was so cool sitting there with this tiny human being in my arms (yeah okay so I’m going all gushy lol)

Easter Monday (25th)
Today was spent mostly at Christchurch either hanging out or helping the guys from Saltmine Theatre Company set up for the performance. I was allowed to take photos during the performance which was novel – so many people are anti any kinds of photography during performances (I was told as long as it didn’t flash or put the cast off I was fine). Here are some of the pictures.

Saltmine Theatre CompanySaltmine Theatre Company

26th April
I think I spent most of the day at home just doing tidying and things like that – I’m sure I was more productive that sitting around but I don’t remember what I did lol.

27th April
My birthday! Woot. Well I share my birthday with Elle. Today was a bit of a funny one I kinda had some idea that we’d do something that was for my birthday but it didn’t work out that way.
I got up and started doing stuff round the house then sat down and opened my presents. I got a scarf from my Auntie, Uncle and Cousins, the Nike+ widget and sensor thingy from my brother and a new iPod from Chris – the iPod had been in the house for about a week but I was banned from using it until my birthday. I walked round the house with the widget tucked into my sock so that I could see how it worked – I had meant to go out for a run/walk/crawl but the day didn’t really go to plan. I sat in front of my computer and replied to the FB comments that were coming in wishing me happy birthday. I then posted that I really should get on with doing something rather than just sitting there. Me and Suzie then sorted out about going out for lunch – she’s been working on her dissertation so I didn’t want to take up too much of her time lol. We ended up going for lunch at the Harvester near my house. It was good fun and we shared an ice cream sundae for pudding – see it’s not quite as bad for me if I share it lol. We discussed things like her recent trip to Brussels and how our friend’s son coped with being there (he’s 10 and I think he loved it!). She explained her dissertation to me and what she’s writing about – it sounds very interesting. (Genuinely it does!)

Chris texted me during the meal about going to look round Porter Black’s in town as a venue for the Fountain Bedford – I’ve been wanting to have a look for ages as I was going on his description.

So following lunch I dropped Suzie off at the University Library so that she could get on with her dissertation. I then headed into town to meet Chris and the other people going to look at Porter Blacks.

It was kinda scary and exciting all at the same time. There are some bits that need lots of TLC and some others bits that just need a good clean and a coat of paint. I’m hoping to be able to help out around work and things like that. We spent about two hours looking round and creating some kind of plan. We left the town and Chris made Call number 1. About 3 hours later he got off the phone having completed about call number 4 or 5. I swear he’d be a prime candidate to have his brain analysed to proof whether mobile phones fry our brains or not hehe. We headed out to collect some furniture that Chris had found on Freegle – we then went out for dinner with my parents and my brother. Unfortunately my birthday dinner kinda turned into an unofficial Fountain meeting which was kinda pants but me and my brother chatted lots about various different things.

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