Well That’s That…


Back in May I wrote this post about going on Maternity Leave. For one or another reason I decided to take Maternity Leave at the beginning of May even though Jaxon wasn’t due until the beginning of July. It did mean that at some points I was twiddling my thumbs but other points I slept – I needed it! I received a letter last week asking me to get in touch about what was going to happen next. Was I going back to work? Was I finishing work? I had a rough idea even last summer at the beginning of my Maternity Leave that I was more than likely not going back to work, but what was I going to do instead?

I had to make the decision by today, I had emailed towards the end of last week to ask what my options were and it was pretty much go back on the books and wait for an opportunity or leave. Even though I was like 99% sure of what the decision would be part of me didn’t want to close the door, I didn’t want to give up a job that has sort of been waiting for me to go back to. I spoke to Chris and that was the final 1% a decision was made. So…I’m not going back to my day job.

Yeah, I’m not going back, does that scare me, yes it does! Does it make me question my sanity? Yes a bit! Does it make me wonder if I can do a good enough job for other people and make my work stand out? Yes! Does it make me realise that I need to trust God for the future? Oh yes it does.

But here we go…on to something new, BRING IT ON!


    • Hannah says:

      While Jaxon naps I’m working on catching up on blog comments! Thank you! I’ve been in touch with Bedford Jelly but they are trying to find out if Jaxon can come with me or if I’ll need to find a babysitter. My business cards arrived at the beginning of the week which I’m rather excited about – just need to give some out now lol.

    • Hannah says:

      Hey Ellie Thank you for the comment. Yes, the main thing of the going back or staying home argument was how it would effect Jaxon because if it’s going to be negative for him but we could afford the childcare would I want to send him to spend all day with a childminder instead of with me? (And with him being poorly I would have either had tried to get today off or gone into work on about 3 hours sleep like Chris did)

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