I’ve been living at No90 for 7 months now, this was fine in the summer as it would be warm outside and there would be a nice chill – it was like having a built in air conditioner as such. Now it just takes the mickey – ok I am still getting over my chest infection but I am wearing a vest top, tshirt hoodie scarf jeans socks slippers and a blanket on top I then have the fan heater on to try and warm the room and yet there is still a draught running across my fingers as I type this while watching DS9 (Yeah I know really sad – I’ve been working my way through Series 2). What makes it worse is that Chris keeps being really quite mean. This morning, Jane (one of the schools workers) phoned about various different bits and we were still sleeping. Last night I had had another rough one – I had a mad coughing fit so for an hour or so I just keep coughing. So sleep was kinda imperitive this morning – I was trying to get my body clock back to normal before going back to work on Monday but I needed the sleep because of how late I was up coughing (It takes twice as much energy as Chris is constantly telling me off for keeping him up and coughing in his ear!). Anyhoo so Jane calls and Chris tries to remember which of his youth group go to Wootton. He mentions a couple wjo aren’t there and so I tell him as he keeps shouting down the phone (I could hear Jane on the other end of the phone). He then gets this idea that I am awake and want to chat and so he starts having a conversation with me – HELLO! My eyes are closed – I even rolled over and stopped answering his questions so that I could go back to sleep. To add to it Chris then had a go at me telling me how I was obviously awake enough to correct him so I was awake enough to have a conversation with him. In true Chris stylee about 2 hours ago he came and asked me to get hold of a DVD he needed for the youth meeting this evening. Then an hour ago he disappears off to CU but doesn’t think to ask/tell me that he’s borrowing my car. (OK it’s technically ours – however both the insurance and ownership are in my name – so technically I could call it in as stolen – he took it with out permission from the driver lol).I feel so rough! I really doubt that this is healthy living in this house with the dodgy heating.  


  1. Ellie says:

    Don’t our men get all the more irritating when we are ill!

    My Steve is actually bed ridden with a bad back today, which is saying something as he never has time off work. Anyway he says I don’t think you’ve ever had back pain like this – well, yes actually I have and was off for 4 months with it as well – and that it his back must be worse because his pain threshold is much higher!!


  2. Ellie says:

    Oh…totally feel for you with the cold. Before we out in double glazing and loft insulation, I would go to be with a duvet, two blankets, a hot water bottle and bed socks!!

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