Work and Doctor Who

This is one of those weeks that I am really glad that the weekend is just round the corner – it’s not been mega busy or anything like that I’ve just felt really out of it like all week – unfortunately this did show up at work earlier and I had to apologise profusely to my manager and to one of our distributors – it wasn’t good. On the other hand me and one of the girls from another distributor discussed Doctor Who and The Apprentice while I looked up some information for her. It’s nice to kinda bond a bit rather than talk office all the time.

I also ended up being part of a meeting as the people who were actually in the meeting were discussing Twitter and Social Media – How do you get more follows on a business account? Any ideas? On a personal account it’s about linking with other people but if it’s a business account surely you need to keep the talk on topic to a certain degree. We then got onto QR Codes and what they can be used for. I found some very cool examples of them used on business cards. I liked these cakes – I’m not sure how much use they would be unless you saved the phone number and things like that before you ate the cake.

I tried to explain the Girl Geek day in London when we had the scavenger hunt thing but I wasn’t doing very well – I might see if I can find the cards and show them next week if we start discussing it again.

I keep meaning to write a to do list for this weekend otherwise I’ll probably end up watching the whole of Series 5 of Doctor Who if my DVDs arrive tomorrow (I’ve got a trial of Amazon Prime so they should be delivered tomorrow but I haven’t had a despatched email yet) I popped home at lunchtime to put a load of washing on so that’s a good start right? Now I just need the weather to be nice so that I can hang it outside to dry rather than running the tumble dryer all weekend.


    • Hannie says:

      They arrived 😀 So excited! It’s Seres 5 of the new format – so it’s Matt Smith’s first series as the Doctor.

      Thanks for the comment.

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