Yorkshire Dales: Intro and Day One

Yorkshire Dales: Summer 2015

Last week we were on holiday in the Yorkshire Dales. There was signal but it was minimal and patchy so when it come to blogging it was a bit impossible. I made notes so I could share of our adventures once we were back. To pass the time in the car I started writing while I could.

We arrived on Sunday having driven up after Fun in The Park in Bedford. Chris has been site managing the event so we had to hang around pretty much to the end. Including that, going on holiday and Jaxon’s first birthday party, there’s nothing quite like cramming it all in.

It was around 9pm by the time we arrived. Thankfully being that bit further north it seemed to have worked in our advantage (at least on that first night anyway!). It was all a bit of whirl trying to get camp set up, Jaxon was tired and quite unhappy when we arrived. Add to that we seemed to be a feast for the midgies and it was really stressful. The boys managed to get up the main bit of our family tent so I could sit in there with Jaxon and get him ready for bed. After getting him sorted and settled for bed I set about getting the rest of our tent in some kind of order.

Day One (Monday)

We started the day in Hawes. First thing of order was breakfast. Because of how packed our car had been we’d planned to take what we needed for breakfast and then sort the shopping after that. Unfortunately that didn’t work so we needed to find breakfast before setting off on the day’s ¬†adventures. We went to The Wesleydale Pantry. The boys both had cooked breakfasts and I had scrambled eggs on toast. Our Sidekick commented that his was greasy. He didn’t mind the grease but it was that greasy I’m surprised it didn’t slide off the plate. When Chris asked about gluten free options from the reaction I could see I don’t think the girl on the till understood what he meant. Jaxon had a variety of bits from our meals. He had mushrooms off Our Sudekick’s breakfast and loved them. Now I don’t like mushrooms but Chris does so clearly he’s not as fussy as I am (at least not at the moment anyway!)

It’s a lovely little village with a variety of shops. I think I fell in love with one of the shops. It’s called Herdy and it’s right up my street!

Herdy Melamine Coasters

Nearly all their products feature Herdy the Herdwick Sheep. They also support rural community projects around the Lake District (and maybe the Yorkshire Dales?). They have three shops, Keswick, Hawes and Grasmere.

Following our potter around the village, we went for a drive. The plan was to find Deepdale and go for a wander. Later in the week it would turn out that there are two Deepdales in the vicinity and the one we were looking for was a tiny huddle of houses rather than an actual village.

We took the windy roads towards Kendal. The ultimate goal was to collect our food shopping from the supermarket there but first we went for a wander round the shops and get lunch. Last time we were all in Kendal there was a hiccup with car keys so we didn’t see very much of the town (unlike the time before when Chris and I was in the area). We had a potter round the shops and I went into one of the wool shops. It was called Iz Knit. It was lovely in there and they had what I was looking for but unfortunately it was on the expensive side (I knew I could get the wool I was looking for cheaper elsewhere especially as it was a branded one rather than just a general search for DK).
We bought a road atlas as the signals as patchy and splat nav wasn’t keeping up in some places. If you need one head for The Works. We got an AA 2016 one for half the marked price. Bargain!

Following the shopping trip we headed to the supermarket. I waited for the shopping while the boys went in store to get some bits we had thought of after doing Click and Collect. There were like six substitutions. They were all logical substitutions but Chris had done the shopping so I wasn’t entirely sure of his thinking.

We headed back to the campsite to unload the shopping and sort into some kind of order. We hadn’t packed enough storage box kind of things so the tins ended up lined up along one side of the tent. Much to the entertainment of Jaxon!

Chris did stir fry for tea as we had fresh chicken as well as fresh vegetables. It was a nice meal to start the week with (and I think munis the sweet and sour sauce was Slimming World friendly which was good as the week hadn’t started on a good food note and it wasn’t going to get better!)

Bedtime for Jaxon was a little disrupted but he settled in the end, thankfully the other family near us on the site had a girl toddler so knew to a certain degree we were doing what we could! Jaxon is pretty good when it comes to bed times at home so we had to find solutions for different bits and pieces that are different while camping.

And that was Day One. Day Two to follow.

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