30 Songs in 30 Days: Day 10

30 Songs in 30 Days

Day 10: A Song That Makes You Fall Asleep

These don’t so much make me fall asleep but they make me chilled and help me calm down.

Hoppipolla by Sigur Ros

Teardrop by Massive Attack (it’s used as part of the House M.D. theme)


  1. Rickie says:

    Never ‘knew’ that even.

    But then it also took me years – years to realise the ‘Charmed’ theme tune was the Smiths. I don’t seem to be able to connect the songs to TV shows despite liking/knowing them independently!

    • Hannie says:

      There’s quite a few that are tweaked chart songs (as such). The three CSI shows have themes by The Who (Baba O’Reilly and Who Are You?). I had thought of some others but now I can’t remember lol

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