An Adventure… (Moving to Denmark)

It’s funny how inspiration strikes sometimes. Often at the most random times right? Back in October 2021, 10 days after we moved to Copenhagen, I started a blog post called “A Crazy Plan” and it’s been sat in my drafts since. This was all about moving to Denmark however
Was I ready to say out loud that I was here and it wasn’t for a holiday?

I wasn’t quite ready to admit that I was enjoying myself, that would be too much and in those first 10 days the culture shock (both the actual culture and the covid culture at the time) was freaking me out. I’d spent the best part of 18 months in the four walls of our house back in the UK, if I did see other people it was a select few and even then most of my human interaction was via technology.

This time last year, I was packing our suitcases to come out for 10 days ish. Rex and I would come for a holiday, Jaxon would stay with Chris and start school as soon as the system allowed him. In fact, he had his first meeting with the Kommune while we were here on holiday. I think the people were lovely but due to Covid, only one parent could go in so Chris went in, he had a better idea about life here. But how did Chris have a better idea?
Let’s go back to that draft blog post.

October 2020

Jaxon was 6, Rex was about 6-8 weeks old and we took Chris to the airport. He flew to Copenhagen, moved into his apartment in Amager and we stayed in the UK. He was here to get things sorted out for us. But through the pandemic and a few other bumps, we weren’t going to be joining him as soon as expected.

Christmas 2020

There was a plan but clearly Covid didn’t get the memo. Chris was supposed to get on a plane and be back for two weeks over Christmas. Then the UK went to Tier 4 and Denmark shut down too. We knew it was all for the best to keep everyone safe (even if it would later come to light that it was one rule for them and one for us). We explained to Jaxon why Daddy wouldn’t be home for Christmas when he said he would be and talked about alternative plans. We joked about maybe he could take a train or cycle. Then we also joked about shipping him and his bike by DHL or Fedex so he could still get to us. But nope, over the next week or so, countries started banning incoming flights from the UK. Netherlands, Belgium, Italy and Israel (Israel had banned flights from South Africa and Denmark too).

While this is all going on, my Mum is being the practical one, she’s got Plan A – if Chris gets home, Plan B – if he doesn’t get home, Plan C – who knows what’s going on?. In the end, Chris wasn’t coming and a new plan was formed. Mum would roast the chicken/turkey at her house in the morning then just before lunch she’d arrive at my house with all the bits and she’d do the rest of the prep. Along with this a friend of ours gets in touch, due to her shifts being cut because of covid and some other things she needed a hand with getting some bits for Christmas, I chatted to Mum and asked could we stretch the Christmas dinner to another two plates – Mum said of course and peeled some more potatoes. I raided my pantry for tins of beans and soup and other things like that, that would keep our friend and her family fed until the Food Bank opened again. We couldn’t invite them to join us due to Covid but we were going to do what we could to make sure that they had some form of Christmas even if it was a bit messed up like ours.

May 2021

ChristMAY was a go. Chris would get on the plane, he’d come home and we’d have Christmas on the May Day Bank Holiday. It was going to happen. We were going to make sure of it. I attempted to find Christmas things like pudding and mince pies – some were easier than others but when my FIL heard the plan he raided his pantry and found us some bits, Mum found a Christmas pudding in her freezer and we made it work. I think I got a jar of mincemeat and made home made mince pies. I didn’t quite get the tree down but I made sure we had twinkly lights around and other things that would make it sort of Christmas-sy. We sat down and discussed what would happen next. We’d come out for a holiday in August during the School Summer Holidays, then us 3 would come back to the UK then come back out again properly at October Half Term (After my Grandparents celebrated their 60th Wedding Anniversary in September).

August 2021

It was time for the holiday. For my first international flight as the only grown-up, I’d get myself and both boys to Copenhagen along with a variety of luggage and a buggy. No pressure right?

My parents took us to Stansted Airport and saw us off at Security. I was on my own. (Insert your chosen word here….). We made it through Security around 9:30am having left the house at 6:30am. I was wearing my FoxyWings jumper which was new and the blue fluff was malting all over my arms so I looked looked like I had a strange lurgy – it’s funny what you remember.

2:30pm we met Chris outside the airport. Thankfully he had snacks and drinks because I was exhausted lol. I was glad no-one took my temperature because between carrying Rex and our stuff from the plane to the trolley then working our way through the airport to Passport Control. I was fed up lol.

Chris took Jaxon to the park that first evening and I got Rex into bed then had a shower – I felt miles more human lol. We fit in all sorts, we were tourists but also did practical things like that school meeting.

Getting back to the UK was easier but it was about to get a whole lot scarier. I was going to go back to Copenhagen next time and it would be for the foreseeable future…

October 2021

We were back in Mum and Dad’s car again, heading towards Stansted. It’s time, we’re moving to Denmark. We’ve got this right? We can do it! While I’m freaking out about fairy lights and other insignifcant things that feel like important things. Chris has done useful things like, chatted to his colleague who has a car to see if he can collect us from the airport. He’s borrowed a car seat that should be okay for Rex and Jaxon doesn’t need one as he’s tall enough.

In theory, there was a plan. But at 5:53pm there was a WhatsApp outage. In the end, I ended up emailing Chris with updates to make sure we were all in the right places but we did it. We made it to Copenhagen and there were Jaxon and Chris waiting for us at the Arrivals exit.

Some thoughts… (Written in May 2021)

Two people (at least) have recently said things to me along the lines of not letting fear dictate your actions and another few said about time still passing, it’ll pass whether I’m here or there. In a work project, I got to speak to a lady who was once very high up in Greenpeace. She’s doing a massive crazy around the world trip with her husband at the moment and while we waited for someone else to arrive to the video call, she talked about the magnets on the fridge behind me. I was sat at my kitchen table and behind my head it read “happy birthday mummy” which my Dad had put there when he and Mum were at my house for my birthday tea last week. I commented how they were all English phrases now instead of Danish

I’m still not sure it’s for me and I’m sure my mind will flip between let’s go and let’s stay every day between now and leaving.

That was where I started back in May, the idea of leaving Bedford was scary and exciting and all sorts of other emotions too. This post has sat in my drafts since then. I guess I hoped there was still time that Chris would change his mind and we would stay in the UK. Well between May and August when we came to visit, Chris had got many balls rolling including somewhere to live. As it happened a family Chris knows from church here are off to America for 6 months so their apartment would be empty (or they’d be renting it out). So when Chris mentioned we were looking it all fell into place. It’s a two-bedroom and rather cosy but it does the job – or so Chris kept telling me!

In August, we got ready to come to see Chris. We were coming for 10 days, then in October, we’d come out properly to do the year as discussed over and over! Jaxon posed the question – “could he stay with Chris and not come back to the UK?” WHAT? Erm. Well, I was cross with Chris – I thought he’d planted the idea and Jaxon was following his lead or something – you know if Jaxon was going early maybe I would too. You know the Dad in My Big Fat Greek Wedding and how his phrase is “Why is everybody leaving me?” well that was me. Once I’d spoken to my Mum and discussed school and things like that I could understand why it might work better if he was staying – but 6ish weeks without Jaxon – what? He’s like my shadow. (The video clip might explain it a bit better – take a look here). If Jaxon was to come back to the UK with me he’d have gone back into school for like 4 weeks only to finish and then start school in Denmark, by staying with Chris he’d start school as soon as possible while everyone else was still settling in too. (He ended up starting at the beginning of September).

So October arrived and it was time to leave. Making sure everything was done and ready to go was a real challenge.

August 2022

We’re 10 months down the road now and why did I decide to finish this now? Well I was watching YouTube videos while working on some things and this one popped up as a suggested one. I followed Nathaniel Drew and it turns out that his parents after many years in the USA are packing up and moving to Portugal.

So much of it was interesting and I wrote an essay of a comment then copied and pasted it back to here to form some creation of a blog post.

Chris has started a new job this week and like so many other times we meet new people the same few questions come up: Why did you leave the UK? Why Denmark? Why now? Was it for work? Mine are then accompanied by…. What are you doing while Chris works and the boys are at school/vuggestue? What do you see yourself doing in the long run? (Right now I have some crazy plan to try and get a part time job in a yarn shop because – why not?)

So my comment on the YouTube video went like this…

We have been married for about 15 years. When the UK started discussing Brexit, we hoped that they’d say no and we’d remain in the EU but that didn’t happen. We’ve always discussed about living elsewhere in the world but for me (the girl who has always lived within a 8-10km circle from my childhood home) the idea of moving anywhere else was absolutely terrifying. I love watching travel videos and dreaming about travelling but I’d always have a home to come back to. At the beginning of 2020, when the transition period started, we decided that it would get very complicated if we didn’t go now. So the ball started rolling and in October, my husband left me, our 6yo and our newborn (2-month-old) in the UK and came to Copenhagen to find get settled, find a job and then find an apartment big enough for 4 people and in our budget. Through covid and other things, we didn’t see him again in person until May 2021 and that was just for two weeks. Forward to this time last year, our friends were heading to America for 6 months, so their apartment was up for subletting. They had a newborn of their own and so my almost 1-year-old could sleep in their cot, my now 7-year-old could sleep in their eldest daughter’s room and we’d be in with the baby. We packed up our things and set about coming to Copenhagen for 6 months. That was it, 6 months, the date was unofficially circled in my diary as the “now I can go home” date. About a week ago I crossed the 10-month line, are we going home? Nope. Did the UK’s “not so good” things get worse while we were away? Yes. Does Denmark have its issues? Yes but oh my days it has its benefits too! (For instance buses how does every bus run late in the town that I lived in and yet in a bigger city like Copenhagen they are on time, to the minute….). I also missed my cargo bike when we were back in my hometown for a week. I borrowed my parents’ car but it’s like driving a tank it feels so big and I missed the fresh air and adventure that comes with my cargo bike.

So rewind, maybe 5 years, would I have moved then? Nope, what about 10? Nope still nope! Would I go on a holiday? Maybe an extended one – give me a few weeks to explore a place properly Yep maybe. But 6 months, a Year somewhere not down the road from my parents and grandparents – ARE YOU NUTS? lol.

It was different it feels crazy but now having been here for 10 months, I’m thinking if I can get a job and save up enough money, taking my mum to Italy for a weekend isn’t so scary. If I can get myself on the plane back to the UK without losing my mind then getting a plane to Italy isn’t scary at all! My Mum loves travelling so she’s not against flying here then onto Italy or meeting me in Italy. Let’s have that adventure while we can. Someone said to me recently that we keep putting things off until tomorrow but what if today is the last tomorrow? (ooooh that’s a bit deep!). So I will save that money and I will take my Mum, I want it to be soon and I want it to happen. I want to take her to see the Colosseum in person and to eat more pasta and gelato than we can imagine lol. I want to take her to see the Sistine Chapel and we can stand in St Peter’s Square and I can try to use my High School Italian lessons to translate for my Mum while the Pope speaks (We did this before, All I could manage was. “Brothers and Sisters” but it’s a start right?)

So yeah, 10 months down, who knows how many more to go. I look at the news from the UK and it breaks my heart that more people are reliant on Food Banks and other charities because the Government are screwing everyone over. It makes me so angry that while families are chosing food or energy, the energy companies are reporting millions if not billions in profit. They are putting the prices up and then benefitting from it while people could be freezing this winter because they don’t have the money. A question I get on every trip back so far is when are you coming back to the UK? Right now as scary as big as it sounds, I don’t know and I don’t think I want to. Yes I miss my family and yes I wish I could see them more but life just isn’t that good there. We were back for a week’s holiday and the best times we had were with our families but the heartbreaking thing was walking through town and so many empty units dominating the town. What happened to my hometown?

Book Review: The Post Office Shop by K.T. Dady

“Welcome to Pepper Bay. A small close-knit community where you’ll find chocolate box cottages, quaint shops, love, drama and a happily ever after”

The Post Office Shop follows Tilly and Rory.

Tilly is almost fifty, peri-menopausal, a widow and pretty much lives in dungarees.

Rory has just finished a fifteen-year preison sentence for robbery, but he is not the man who first walked into that prison.

It is part of The Pepper Bay series but the the great thing is that if can be read as a standalone story too (Book 1 is Starlight Cottage if you want to read them in order). They are easy reads at around 300 pages so perfect to take on holiday with you or just read while you eat your lunch.

I’ve always been a bit obsessed by these stories set in small towns whether they are coastal or maybe the back end of beyond in somewhere like Yorkshire or Scotland. I love the Loch Lannick Series and the Isle of Scilly series by Hannah Ellis. Somewhere along the line I was recommended the Pepper Bay series by K. T. Dady end there was another place on the list that I’d dream about visiting.

I guess it’s because of the authors I read but I often find the the leading lady is maybe a similar age to me (maybe 20-40s?) but Tilly is a bit older and is happy with her life and what she’s up to each day. I love that we get to see the craziness in her mind as she comes to terms with being peri-menopausal. I have friends who are going through it and sometimes it can feel like you’re completely losing the plot some days! (I’m not there yet but I imagine if I’m still here and still writing this blog I’ll be documenting it somehow. I’ve got time before I have to cross that bridge…

Rory feels like a rough around the edges kind of character. He ends up going to prison and I think he’s one of those guys who found who he was meant to be on the inside. He worked hard while inside to stay out of trouble and help others. Then on the outside he just wants to find his place where he can keep his head down, out of trouble and carry on making a difference.

I really loved this next instalment of The Pepper Bay series. If you are like me and love Hallmark Movies or chick lit in general definitely give it a go. Either start with this or start back at the beginning with The Starlight Cottage.

A few days ago, I shared the books I’ve been reading in June and July. You can have a read of those here. Have you read any or do you recommend any other authors I might enjoy? I’d love to hear your suggestions.

Books I Read in June and July

Normally this would be just one month at a time but I realised that I haven’t done one for a while so you get two months in one go, here are the books I read in June and July. I’ve included a link to Amazon UK as I read them through Kindle Unlimited but I’m sure they are available in other formats and on other platforms. The links below are affiliate links.

Autumn Leaves (Chloe’s Cream Tea Cafe) – Rosie Chambers

As summer drifts into autumn, Devon’s newest café owner Chloe Hamilton swaps serving ice-cold fizz and cucumber sandwiches for warm, spiced pumpkin latte and gooey chocolate brownies as she prepares to host Willerby’s annual Autumn Leaves party.

With the preparations in hand, and against her better judgement, Chloe agrees to help handsome Matt Wilson on one of his outward-bound expeditions – camping under the stars is the perfect chance to relax and get to know him better.

But the cooler weather brings with it a sense of peril when one of the wild camping group is shot with a bow and arrow! Is it an unfortunate accident, or is something more sinister afoot in picture postcard Willerby?

Once again, Chloe finds herself joining forces with Matt to solve the mystery, otherwise her dream of building a new life at the Cream Tea Café on the gorgeous Devonshire coast could be over before it’s begun.

Amazon UK

Christmas Tress (Chloe’s Cream Tea Cafe) – Rosie Chambers

It’s Christmas at the Cream Tea Café!

As Chloe Hamilton rustles up a new batch of snowman-shaped cookies, even December’s wintery weather can’t dampen her spirits. With her friends Grace and Josh tying the knot on Christmas Eve, and her beloved Cream Tea Café staging its very first Christmas Carousel competition, there’s so much to celebrate.

But when one of the stag party members is thrown from his cycle during a sprint through the woods, things turn distinctively frosty. With someone potentially targeting their wedding guests, Grace pleads with Chloe to once again join forces with hunky outward bound instructor Matt Wilson to solve the mystery and save her wedding.

With so much at stake, they need to act fast. Can they find the person responsible before Willerby’s winter wonderland turns into a Christmas catastrophe?

Amazon UK

The Little Bookshop of Lonely Hearts – Annie Darling

A delightful new series set in a quaint old bookshop, for fans of Lucy Diamond and Jenny Colgan. Where happy ever after is only a page away…

Once upon a time in a crumbling bookshop, Posy Morland hid in the pages of romantic novels.

So when Bookend’s eccentric owner, Lavinia, dies and leaves the shop to Posy, she must put down her books and join the real world. Because Posy hasn’t just inherited an ailing business, but also the attentions of Lavinia’s grandson, Sebastian, AKA The Rudest Man In London™.

Posy has six months to transform Bookends into the shop of her dreams but as Posy and her friends fight to save the bookshop, she’s drawn into a battle of wills with Sebastian, about whom she’s started to have some rather feverish fantasies…

Amazon UK

True Love at the Lonely Hearts Bookshop – Annie Darling

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that a single woman in possession of a good job, four bossy sisters and a needy cat must also have want of her one true love. Or is it?

Another delightful novel from the author of The Little Bookshop of Lonely Hearts. Perfect for fans of Lucy Diamond and Jenny Colgan

Verity Love – Jane Austen fangirl and an introvert in a world of extroverts – is perfectly happy on her own (thank you very much), and her fictional boyfriend Peter is very useful for getting her out of unwanted social events. But when a case of mistaken identity forces her to introduce a perfect stranger as her boyfriend, Verity’s life suddenly becomes much more complicated.

Johnny could also use a fictional girlfriend. Against Verity’s better judgement, he persuades her to partner up for a summer season of weddings, big number birthdays and garden parties, with just one promise – not to fall in love with each other…

Amazon UK

Surprises in Seabury – Beth Rain

(Part Three in Hattie’s Story – Read Sandwiches in Seabury and Secrets in Seabury first)

This is Seabury – where everyone knows everyone, the average tourist hasn’t got a clue it even exists, and that’s just how the locals like it!

Another day, another full house of bookings at the new Pebble Street Hotel restaurant. Head chef Hattie Barclay is thrilled – and completely exhausted. Things are going well. Maybe a little too well…

She hasn’t really had the chance to explore her new home much… or her new boyfriend, come to that. In fact, she’s not even sure she can call Ben her boyfriend when they haven’t had the chance to do much more than escape for an occasional walk on the beach. Hattie’s quickly discovering that living in a hotel room doesn’t lend itself to… well… you know! And Ben doesn’t seem too keen on inviting her to his place for some reason.

When Lionel lets slip about a potential rival for Ben’s affections, Hattie realises that she might have bigger problems on her plate than her ridiculously busy schedule.

Just to complicate matters further, there are rumours of another chef in town. One with a ridiculous orange top-knot and a notoriously short fuse… it seems that Marco Brooks is in Seabury and determined to stir the pot!

Can Ben survive the roasting that’s coming his way? Will things between him and Hattie finally start to sizzle? Or is Hattie’s newfound happiness destined to boil over?

Amazon UK

Nothing Like at Dane – Keri Bloomfield

The Danish concept of hygge is a wonderful thing. Even if most fail miserably when they try to pronounce or explain its true essence. Unless you’re a Viking of course.

As Keri stood in the departure lounge of Auckland International Airport with her four-month-old baby, searching for her flight on the board, hygge wasn’t on her radar. In hindsight she agrees it probably should have been.

But she’d never imagined a chance encounter with a Dane in a crowded bar in her home city of Wellington would lead her here, a mother, about to circle the globe, with no knowledge of when she’d return home.

Eighteen thousand kilometres away a new life awaited her in Denmark. A country where babies sleep outside, the word for bread is seemingly impossible to pronounce and a country in which immigration challenges abound.

A witty observer of cultural nuances, Keri reveals the day-to-day realities of a New Zealander living her best life in Denmark. From integration interrogations to rye bread misdemeanors, Nothing Like a Dane provides a humorous and heartfelt insight into creating a new life in a faraway land.

And what did she learn? That it’s not all hygge and pastries. Even in Denmark.

Amazon UK

Crazy in Love at the Lonely Hearts bookshop – Annie Darling

You can go crazy searching for the one…

Nina is addicted to bad boys, the wilder, the better. Despite her friends’ misgivings, she firmly believes that true love only takes one form: wild, full of passion and fire and punctuated by tempestuous arguments. She won’t settle for anything less.

But years of swiping right has uncovered nothing but losers and flings, and Nina is no closer to finding her One True Love than she ever was. And when a man from her past walks into the shop Nina knows she has nothing to fear: the geekiest boy in her school has become a boring suit with no chance of making her heart go pitter patter.

Which just shows how little Nina knows about her heart…

Amazon UK

The Library – Bella Osbourne

Two lonely bookworms. An unexpected friendship. A library that needs their help

‘A touching story of a friendship between a troubled teenager, a yoga-practising farming woman in her seventies and a local library. A delight!’ – Sunday Times bestselling author Katie Fforde

Teenager Tom has always blended into the background of life. After a row with his dad and facing an unhappy future at the dog food factory, he escapes to the library.

Pensioner Maggie has been happily alone with her beloved novels for ten years – at least, that’s what she tells herself.

When they meet, they recognise something in each other that will change both their lives for ever.

Then the library comes under threat of closure, and they must join forces to prove that it’s not just about books – it’s the heart of their community.

They are determined to save it – because some things are worth fighting for.

Amazon UK

The Old Sugar Wharf Pretty Beach by Polly Babbington

Settle down with the brand new romance trilogy from Polly Babbington & binge-read as she transports us on another glorious voyage to life by the sea… to the gorgeous setting, the tumbledown houses and the utterly fabulous characters of Pretty Beach. Lose yourself in the wonderful world that will make you want to pack up your things and head to the English coast.

If you love Polly’s unique take on romance by the sea, you’re going to adore the next series where we meet new character Phoebe and follow along as she finds herself unexpectedly in the beautiful little town by the sea.

Phoebe Tillington has spent years waiting. Way too many years. And so when she arrives in our favourite little town, she decides that she will never wait for anything or anyone ever again.

As we watch her land in delightful Pretty Beach and the town wraps her up in its charms we ooh and ahh and wonder quite how she’s going to get on. Will she forget the past and settle into coastal life?

Despite thinking that she has nothing, no one to love and nowhere she really belongs, things begin to change when a man at the end of the garden takes her very much by surprise.

Get lost in Polly’s magical love, life and friendship ingredients and be whisked away to a place where the sea sparkles, the sun shines and the locals say hello as they go about their business.

*The Old Sugar Wharf Pretty Beach is Book One in the Sugar Wharf trilogy & book thirteen in the PRETTY BEACH series.
All books can be read as standalones but it’s best to start with The Boat House Pretty Beach.*

Amazon UK

New Beginnings on Sunflower Street by Rachel Griffiths

After accidentally becoming the centre of a social media scandal, Ivy Hamilton flees her glamorous life in London and comes to Sunflower Street to hide away and lick her wounds. The idea of staying at her elderly aunt’s home doesn’t hold much appeal but she has nowhere else to lie low.
IT specialist Zach Ritchie is reeling after being betrayed by a close friend. Following years of moving around with his military family, he’d love to find a place to call home and to feel that he can put his trust in others again.
When Ivy and Zach meet, they’re surprised to find that they enjoy each other’s company and the calmer life that the pretty village of Wisteria Hollow has to offer. But they can only run from their lives for so long and soon, their pasts catch up with them.
Will Ivy and Zach return to the lives they know or will they enjoy new beginnings on Sunflower Street?

Amazon UK

Nine Yarn Projects for 2022 (An Update)
22 Goals in 2022

At the end of 2021/beginning of 2022, I wrote a list of projects that I wanted to complete in 2022 (at least to begin with anyway…). So here is update about my nine yarn projects for 2022.

A grid of nine projects to attempt to create in 2022.

Some of them I’ve already completed, some are partially completed and others are still ideas on the drawing board.

Project Number 1: Rainbow Blanket from The Pigeon’s Nest.

While my parents were here over the New Year, I did my best to get this finished so that it could go back to the UK with them and it could be posted to my friend ready for her baby to arrive a few weeks later. Jaxon assisted me to take this in-progress photo one evening.

Project 1 of 2022: complete. I wrote a whole blog post about it here. The pattern by The Pigeon’s Nest. Yarn is Stylecraft Special in Aran – which is great because it works up quickly.

Project Number 2: Special Stripy Blanket – Beach Huts by Hand Knitted Things

Special Stripy Blanket – Beach Huts by Hand Knitted Things

Folded up knitted blanket

(I purchased the pattern from Wool Warehouse). You can read all about it here.

That means I’m 2 down and 8 to go…

When I look at these projects, it looks like I’ve not done very much, but there have been other projects that I’ve completed. I think I need to work my way back through my Instagram stories and identify which projects I’ve had on the go and what’s been completed along the way.

What projects did you have planned for 2022? How far have you got through your list?

100 Best Things to Do in Copenhagen (Part One)

I found this video on YouTube sharing the 100 Best Things to Do in Copenhagen. So I thought I’d ‘react’ on what I’ve done so far (and the ones I’d avoid – either personally or in general lol).

I found this video on YouTube sharing the 100 Best Things to Do in Copenhagen. So I thought I’d ‘react’ on what I’ve done so far (and the ones I’d avoid – either personally or in general lol).

  1. Get Lost in the Streets of Copenhagen – Not exactly hard to do some days but I do like taking different routes on my cargo bike like “If I go right here instead of straight on, what happens?”. I went in my friend’s car a few weeks ago from church to her house and she does the “back” routes from Frederiksberg to Brønshøj before heading on the main route to her house. I was so puzzled where I was, as I recognised some bits of the journey but didn’t really know where we were until we got to Brønshøj and realised that we’d just approached a junction I use lots just from a different direction.
  2. Nyhavn – it’s a go to tourist stop. I’ve been a couple of times now. I think my favourite was at Christmas last year when the Julemarked was at one end (nearest Kongens Nytorv). I’ve been in torrential downpours too – the coloured buildings are still lovely on a wet day but it’s not so nice to stand around and enjoy in the rain lol. (I’m sure we went in person but we also saw Nyhavn from our boat tour here and we took my parents when they came to Copenhagen at New Years).
  3. Canal Tour – Another one that we did on our first trip. We were trying to figure out how to see a lot of the city with two adults and a small child (Jaxon was almost 5 on our first trip to Copenhagen and wasn’t very confident on a bike).
  4. Enjoy Poor Weather – Yeah, you just have to get used to it lol. Often you still take your waterproof even on the sunniest of days just in case it rains – today it’s sunny but there is a sky full of clouds so it’s always possible we could have rain…
  5. Old-Fashioned Ice Cream – I generally end up with ice creams from the freezer section in the supermarket. When we went to Nyhavn with my parents, Jaxon and I had churros but I think Chris had a cup of mulled wine in one hand and ice cream in the other after a miscommunication. (or I wasn’t concentrating…)
  6. Den Lille Havfrue/The Little Mermaid – I don’t know what I was expecting but having walked what seemed like miles from the bus stop to The Little Mermaid, yep I was disappointed. I don’t know whether I’d built it up in my head or something but I was like
  7. Seaplane – pretty sure this would be very cool! We often see them flying over the city from the ground. Jaxon can tell the difference now between a sea plane and “normal” plane just by looking at it lol. (I love seeing the aerial photos by Nicolas Cosedis of the city so maybe being in a seaplane would be like a real life Cosedis photograph….You can see some of his pictures here – I have his book on my wish list but it’s a proper big coffee table type book!)
  8. St Alban’s Church – I’ve not been into St Alban’s Church but I have been past it a couple of times. It’s an interesting church because it’s built in a “British” style and it does look like it’s been transplanted from somewhere in the UK and just landed in Copenhagen.
  9. Water Bus – Jaxon told us all about taking the water bus as i think he’d been on it as part of a school trip (udeskole. This is a day each week where the class are taken out on some form of trip, in the summer this includes going to the Skolehaven or school garden, sometimes it’s going to museums or the castle). When my parents were in December/January, we took our first trip on the Water Bus – it was good fun even if it was sooo foggy we couldn’t see very far.
  10. Smørrebrød – Controversial but I don’t think I’ve actually tried Smørrebrød yet. We have rugbrød but use it for sort of deformed sandwiches. Might be able time that I give it a go. Might need to see if I can find some non-fish versions. Anyone want a field trip to try some?
  11. Amalienborg Palace – When Auntie R was here in April, we walked past Amalienborg on our way to The Little Mermaid. We didn’t really stop to have a proper look due to the weather. There is a museum at Amalienborg so might need to add that to “Hannah’s List of Things to do in Copenhagen”
  12. Nebbiolo on Store Strandstræde – Another that probably wouldn’t make my list. I don’t really drink and if I do it’s the odd can of cider or beer (and even then it’s usually accompanied with a glass of cola or squash…). So the idea of going out to a wine bar isn’t really my thing at all. (Skaal is about the only bar I’ve been to and that was for a date night after the main event of going to the cinema)
  13. Bike Taxi – nope, not had need for one lol. I do like the idea but the closest I’ve got is Chris riding the cargo bike with me in the front.
  14. Rent a bike
  15. Liquorice “Lakrids” – my favourites are the specific ones that come in the blue Haribo bag from Føtex but these aren’t the best lol. If you’ve got the pennies try the Lakrids by Bulow
  16. Toga Vin & Ølstue
  17. Gasoline Grill – maybe one day but at 95DKK (£11) just for the burger it turns into an expensive meal out for all four of us (maybe I take Chris on a date night…)
  18. Borgerkroen Pub – I don’t really drink and the smoking would put me off
  19. Østerbro Shopping – I’ve been around Østerbro to walk from the Metro to one of the knitting groups I sometimes go to but I’ve not really explored it properly – might need to do that.
  20. City Metro – having come from Bedford where there is public transport but it’s 98% late and not always so helpful. We now live here in Copenhagen – with amazing links we’re about half way between two bus routes, about a 10-15 minute walk from the Metro and S-Tog meaning that a large chunk of the city is within a walk and a train ride. We’re really close to Nørrebro station which is on the M3 Metro (which opened in 2019 – in fact we saw the M3 København H metro station being built on our first trip here).
  21. Blågårdsgade – I’ve probably been past the end of the road hundred times but not actually sure i’ve been along it. (I vaguely think I might have cycled along it on a magical mystery tour but I’m not 100%)
  22. Dronning Louises Bro – Queen Lou’s Bridge lol. Well every time I take the bus into Indre By then I go over the bridge. Recently there’s been a loppemarked (flea market) on the bridge. Also it was closed for Tour De France as the Tour De CPH route went over the bridge.
  23. The Lakes “Søerne” – These lakes are either side of Dronning Louises Bro. There are 3 lakes – at the northern end there’s Sortedam Lake, then Peblinge Lake and Sankt Jørgens Lake at the southern end. At the southern end there is the Tycho Brahe Planetarium (If you’re a nerd and watch Who Do You Think You Are then this it the distance relative of Judi Dench and why she’s honorary Danish now lol). (Also the southern end is in Vesterbrø and the Northern end is in Østerbro)
  24. Torvehallerne – If you’re a foodie, this has to be like number 1 on your list for sure! So many different stalls with different food choices.
  25. The Round Tower – We’ve visited The Round Tower a few times now. I’ve been to the top once with both Jaxon and Chris. When we took part in Kulternatten in October 2021, the boys went up to the top while I waited at the bottom with Rex. There was all sorts of things about stargazing and astronomy.
  26. Gråbrødregtorv – It’s possible I’ve been through here without knowing – if not I’m definitely adding it to the list.
  27. Lego Store – 2 out of 3 of my boys absolutely love Lego so it’s a favourite place (Although we often buy our Lego from the supermarket as the pricing is better and it’s less crazy than the very tourist-y Lego Stores here).
  28. Strøget – This is like Copenhagen’s answer to Regents or Oxford Street in London. There are so many designer shops as well as other stores to look at.
  29. Tivoli Gardens – Chris and Jaxon love going to Tivoli. They love the rollercoasters. I’m not a fan of rollercoasters although I don’t mind some of the calmer rides. When the boys do want to go then I often send them two off to have a great day and then Rex and I hang out at home or do something different. The last time the boys went, they ended up staying right into the evening for all the fireworks – Jaxon finally went to bed around 11pm!
  30. Central Train Station “København H” – Take the train to Helsingør – I’m a Shakespeare nerd so going to Helsingør and Kronborg Castle are on my to do list. Although Shakespeare calls the castle Elsinore in Hamlet, it is (sort of) the castle from his play.
  31. Geranium – I’ve seen it on food shows – definitely not my palette lol
  32. Woops! 32 was missing but I guess Kronborg could be 31 making Geranium 32?
  33. Alchemist – yeah no chance me ever being able to go here lol.
  34. Gammel Strand – I’ve walked along Gammel Strand to get to other places but not always stopped to appreciate it, in it’s own way so maybe that’s something I need to do soon.
  35. Jernbanecaféen – Another drinking one…
  36. Istedgade – ooh cheeky! We did stay near here – there’s a very cool playground here. The grounds the playground is on used to be part of the Royal Copenhagen Shooting Society – the wall that looks like it’s a castle was part of this. On our first trip to Copenhagen, our hostel was a few streets away in Helgolandstrade so we know the area.
  37. Gaza Grill – Okay this is one to do…
  38. Vesterbro Neighbourhood
  39. Kødbyen/Meat Packing District – During our first trip to Copenhagen, our hotel was just along the road from the Meat Packing District. We didn’t really experience the restaurants there that time, but our knitting group (Copenhagen Yarn Lovers) has met at Warpigs Brewpub for lunch/knitting group. The food was lovely but kind of pricy – my small tumbler of lemonade (maybe 330ml like a can) was about 50dkk so around £5 – ouch!
  40. Magasasa Dim Sum – again one I’ve not tried but dim sum is yummy so need to go try it.
  41. Kaf & Konsol – Maybe I take Jaxon to this one…
  42. Nordhavn Neighborhood – I went to collect a bag of second hand clothes for Rex from someone in Nordhavn, I got very excited when I realised all the streets in that particular bit are named after ports. It started with Southamptongade… I took a screenshot of the map on my phone and sent it to Chris commenting how it wasn’t really a Danish name. Then he pointed out to me that the streets around there are all sea ports – for instance Dover Passage and Dunkerquegade are a short walk away from where I was stood.
  43. A 7E Cup of coffee – more to try…
  44. Bager Bosse Bakery – Bakery – better try it. Spandauer are yummy! But my favourite is still Onsdagsnegl from Sankt Peders Bageri (they now have their own Instagram too so if you like to drool over your phone check out their account.)
  45. Marina Shisha Lounge – Nope no thank you.
  46. Langelinie – I’ve not really been any further than the Little Mermaid, so I still have most of Langelinie to explore at some point – including The Genetically Modified Little Mermaid statue too. My last two trips to The Little Mermaid have been pretty much rained off so maybe while the weather is better I need to give it a go and get exploring.
  47. Copenhill – We’ve been to Copenhill twice. When Chris was here without us, he set himself the challenge to climb Copenhill something like 29 times so that it was the same as climbing Everest. (It almost sounds like a challenge that Kara and Nate would do. It’s a bit like this one actually…)
  48. Amager Beach Park – we actually went here a few weeks ago. When we previously visited the beach we went to Bellevue Beach which is a really little one. The beach at Amager is considerably bigger, this meant that we could sit sort of by ourselves without feeling like everyone was really close to us. Jaxon and I went paddling in the sea but I wimped out and decided it was too cold for me lol.
  49. Bistro Royal
  50. King’s Garden (Kongens Have) – Another one I visited thanks to my knitting group. We met at the cafe in Kongens Have for a coffee and some knitting. It was so lovely to meet more friends.