4 Fab Small Businesses to Support with Your Baby Bits

When Jaxon was born, we were on a bit of a shoestring budget for some babies thing so he often ended up wearing clothes from the supermarket or from that well known cheap shop on the High Street. He ended up with all sorts of random combinations – often wearing what the shop had classed as girls clothes even if it wasn’t clear. Certainly, he had one that had starfish on it and came up on the till as girls top – but who cares?? He looked cute in it.

So now we’re able to support small businesses – both local and a little (well a lot) further afield I’ve been glad to be able to do that.

My Little Love Heart

My Little Love Heart are based in Perth, Australia and we crossed paths on social media. Luisa was kind enough to send us the dribble bib in the picture below, a burp cloth like this, and a Large Bib like this. The dribble bib was handy when Rex was teething – it was like a fountain some days he was sooo dribbly!! The fabric is so soft and it’s so well made. Because of the shipping, I think I’d have to save up and then make the shipping worth it but the quality is so good I think I’d struggle not to just splash out! (How cute is this 1st Birthday Bib!)

Oma and Honey Handmade

I’m a little biased for this one but still have to spread the word. My friend Gabi’s lovely Mum makes beautiful children’s clothes. I ordered a pair of trousers that she made for Rex at the end of 2020 and I love them so much that I’ve gone back to her this week to ask if she can make me another pair in the same fabric! (I’ve also asked for them to be slightly bigger than he is now in the hope I can stretch them out just a bit longer like I did with his first pair!). Oma Jenny (that’s Grandma in quite a few different languages) lives in Switzerland and her family live here so she’s international!. She doesn’t have a website but you can find her on Instagram.

Sweet Peas

Sweet Peas are my new discovery. The very lovely Vicky makes brightly coloured baby and children’s clothing. I’ve been eyeing up the Lego t-shirt for Jaxon. It’s absolutely his kind of thing. We’ve been talking about what size and what fabrics I’d like for the boys t-shirts ane she said that she doesn’t use fabric that she wouldn’t use for her own kids – which is very encouraging because you know she cares about the things she makes and her customers. You can find her website here. How about this fabric – I think I’d like a t-shirt in it! Would be very bright on a grey and drizzly day!

The Pigeons Nest

With Jaxon, we had the Antilop high chair from Ikea and it’s so practical so when I needed a highchair I had a look to see if there were any secondhand ones on Marketplace – why not give some more life to a pre-loved one before driving to MK to get a new one. As it happened a local lady had one for sale along with a cushion for it. Sorted! The cushion came with a cover but I’m thinking I do need a second and as it happens the lovely Rebecca at The Pigeon Nest makes covers for the cushion. My challenge is deciding which one I’d like (I think this grey and white chevron is my current favourite).

What are your favourite brands for baby items? Are any of them small businesses?

Hannah Gets Healthy (or Tries To!)

Hello there,

So this started as a thread on Twitter but was getting so long that it was either going to send people to sleep or make them throw their phones out the window… so here it is Hannah Gets Healthy

Today (Monday 21st June) I had an appointment with my lovely Physiotherapist M (she has a name but that’s what we’ll call her). M is lovely and she’s like chatting to a friend rather than a medical professional who has no time for you or something like that.

I’ve been seeing her since around February. Between my pregnancy with Jaxon and my pregnancy with Rex, I developed an umbilical hernia. I had an ultrasound but was told by my old GP (who was a bit useless but that’s another story!) that at 2.5cm there was nothing to worry about, just keep an eye on it and if it gets worse we’ll do something then. (Between the two pregnancies I moved to the same GP that Chris is with because the level of care at my old GP was rubbish and getting worse)

During my pregnancy with Rex, it was getting worse but mostly written off as just the extra pressure that happens in your abdomen while pregnant. Around November/December I contact my “new” GP via the eConsult system and I got a call back with a discussion about having another ultrasound to see where we were up to now. The eConsult system has become really popular during the lockdown and I really like it because I can put down everything I’ve been thinking about around an issue and it’s there for the doctor – along with photos – when appropriate!

I was sent for an ultrasound just after Christmas, I’m not sure how much my hernia had worsened but I was immediately referred for Physio to work on closing the Diastasis gap around the hernia.

So that was around January/February sort of time and now we’re in June. Following each visit I’d have exercises to go away and do and they have been improving things. Today the Physio talked about further steps and considering going for an appointment with the consultant to ask questions and see if I was a good candidate for surgery.

A yellow curled up sewing tape measure

Back in 2013, before Jaxon, I joined Slimming World, to attempt to loose around 3 stone so that I fit in the “Normal” BMI bracket. Since then I’ve gone on to learn how unreliable the BMI chart is and that it actually does a lot of harm. I’ve also learnt that SW is really not that good for my mental health. To start with I lost 1.5 stone by the time I was 13 weeks pregnant with Jaxon, I then put this back on during my pregnancy and lost it all again following Jaxon’s birthday (when you realise he was almost 10lbs of the 20lbs I put back on you can see where the weight gain came from! Between then and April 2015 I had almost lost the 3 stone but I wasn’t coping very well amongst other things and it was making me miserable. I could have a really good week socialising with friends and actually getting out to different groups but if it was around food, I was “spending all my syns” on cake or hot chocolate or something else yummy but “not good” for me.

We’re now here in 2021 and I asked the question, in both pregnancies and in a health check we had to do as part of fostering, my weight has always come up as an issue. I get the why but sometimes it’s really not approached in the nicest of ways. (Another story for another day!)

I asked the question because I wanted to go prepared. If I could show the Consultant, that since now and my appointment I’ve lost X amount of weight or X amount of inches, it might show me to be the “ideal candidate” kind of thing.

So where do I start? I really don’t want to be going back to a group like SW or WW because they are both as bad as each other and I worry will have a negative impact on my mental health. I’ve been trying to do more Ring Fit Adventure but with commitments to my small business and looking after the boys it can feel like there isn’t time for it. I think the biggest thing is trying to make better food choices but some days it’s easier to get a burst of sugary energy by eating chocolate than it is to pick up a piece of fruit. It’s “nicer” to drink a can of cola than it is a glass of water. (I’ve also drank 750ml of water since dinner so could be up all night needing the loo…)

Then I think about how I feel when I see videos and photos of me. Today I posted a Reel on IG of me dancing around the kitchen, I nearly took it down again because to me I don’t always look like how I think I look in my head. I know I’m overweight but when I think of myself it’s a just a little here and a little there and nothing to necessarily worry about. But then I try to find clothes that fit me and find I’m getting closer and closer to the end of the size chart or having to shop in different shops because things don’t fit me any more. Today’s t-shirt has been worn so many times there’s no size number on the label any more but I think it’s a 20 or 22. My jumper is a 2XL – I bought it when I was about 15 weeks pregnant with Rex, it was a bit on the baggy side then, now it’s kind of snug in places… My trousers are a size 18 (they do keep falling down though so that’s a benefit but I’m sure if I went to try and buy the same size in the same style they wouldn’t fit and I’d need bigger).

Anyway, I guess I’m just spewing my thoughts out here and trying to process what’s going on in my head. If you have any suggestions, I’d love to hear them. I’d rather not do fad diets but happy to try things. I am still breastfeeding but not exclusively as Rex is now 10.5 months and so often only having milk in the night, first thing or before naps. (And even some of them I’m not sure how long they will last).

I’ve been reading a bit about Keto Diet and Intermittent Fasting but how do you know if it’s a fad or it’s worth the effort – especially when you’re juggling cooking for kids too?

Goodness Me! Yep That’s It

It’s now June and the last time I wrote was back in April. I’d got all these plans how I was going to blog about how Rex is doing and what Jaxon is up to and of course, life gets in the way. So here I am back and blogging about things. I could be here lots, I could be here hardly ever but lets see what happens and go from there.

So what’s been happening. Well like the rest of the country, Jaxon went back to school in March for a few weeks then broke up for Easter within a blink of the eye! We’re now in Term 6 (Summer Term Part 2 basically) And we’re counting down weeks to the Summer Break. I even had an email from the Head with various pieces of information with regards to going back in September and how things like wearing masks will still apply for now as we don’t know what will happen after the 19th July now that restrictions have been extended. 

Rex has just turned 10 months so we’re counting down to his birthday (And Jaxon’s, mustn’t forget Jaxon’s birthday as it comes first before Rex’s!). 

Chris came back for a few weeks in May. That might need a post of it’s own given all that happened during that time. Poor Jaxon was a lot shellshocked and a little nervous especially when Chris arrived wearing his mask – he didn’t quite know what to do and tried to climb into my leg for protection. Rex was really off with Chris for a few days as he just didn’t really know who he was. He warmed to Chris while Chris was here but was still really nervous about me leaving (And even now has been a little upset when I leave – sometimes even leaving the room somedays!)

And now it’s June and we’re looking towards the summer and our adventures – well maybe. Come along and see if we make it to our adventures or have to come up with a plan B!

April 3rd

I have this great idea that I will start writing properly again and I will write for me rather than for the internet like I might have done when I started my first blog back in 2007-ish. Then I get caught up in the figures and the numbers. Will someone read if I write?

So I’m here again. Trying to write for me. Rather than the Internet. So hello there friend. If you reading I’d love to hear how you got here? Did you stumble upon a social media post or did I just get thrown up by a search engine that pointed you this way?

I have some blog posts that create lots of traffic without me doing anything like this about duvets and this about a travellers notebook. Who knows why? I have zero clue!

So it’s now April and I decided I needed some goals. I have ideas I needed goals with quantifiable results (yes I like the big words!)

1. Write. Write for me. Send it out there into the world and see what sticks. (Quantifiable she said. So erm… pop by once a week and try to write. If I can knock more out then go for it!)

2. Read. I have a long list of books that I “adopted” from NetGalley and then never really read or read and didn’t review. So there could be more of those. (Let’s aim for finishing and reviewing two in April. It could be more but there’s a number to aim for).

3. Finish a knitting/crochet project. I have too many floating around that I’ve not finished and I keep starting new ones.

4. Finish my Knitting Diploma course with Centre for Excellence. I’m not sure how long I have left to finish it and how much I have to do so need to come up with a plan for that too.

Right, off to go read before I sleep.

Night night.

Knit and Nattering – Episode 2: A Shawl, A Sock and A Blanket

I’m back for a second episode – who is this person? I start with a recap of the projects that I’ve been working on over the last two weeks. With the boys often needing my help, I had to try and fit the recording in where possible, so there’s often random background noise including Jaxon’s random singing/squeaking.

Finished Items

Two Barbie Blankets – Lucy‘s daughter bought a Barbie bunkbed with her pocket money but the Barbie’s didn’t have any bedding so I knitted a blanket, while I was part way through blanket 1, my Mum offered to do blanket 2. Blanket 1 is a simple stocking stitch rectangle and blanket 2 is a corner to corner crocheted blanket

In Progress

Stormy Open Back Sweater by Handknits and Hygge – pattern can be found here.
“Judit’s Shawl” actually called – Free and Easy Pie Wedged Shawl: Ravelry (I’ve only ever seen it on Ravelry… Sorry!)

Malt by Tin Can Knits: https://tincanknits.com/pattern/malt​

KALs or Similar

Lockdown Sockdown KAL info here.

Project Bags

Tea Cake + Make: https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/TeaCakeMake


Trent and Allie (travel/tiny living) – https://www.youtube.com/trentallie

Kara and Nate (travel/tiny living) – https://www.youtube.com/karaandnate

Hannah, The Corner of Craft: https://www.youtube.com/user/thecorne…

Megan, Dynamo Simply Living: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4xl…

Stashless 2020/2021 Anushka – The Crimson Stitchery: https://www.youtube.com/c/TheCrimsonS…​ You can find more information about Stashless 2020 (the inspiration for Stashless 2020) here: (Start of 2020) and (End of 2020) There is also further information in her Ravelry group here: https://www.ravelry.com/groups/the-cr…