The Monthly Review

The Monthly Review

The Monthly Review brings together people who write and share personal reviews every month. It’s designed to encourage more people to try writing their own reviews, and to help us learn from each other and try new things in our reviews. Originally this was by Belle, but I’ve taken over the reigns and hoping to carry it on.


If you already write and publish personal reviews each month, join this email list to participate in the project. Every month you’ll receive a reminder email to share your review. Just send me a link to your published review before the 14th of the month to be included in the mid-month newsletter. (Participating is opt-in, so if you don’t want to share your review in any particular month, that’s fine.)

Reviews must be published in English, and must come with a warning when submitting if they contain any NSFW material. Other than that, there aren’t any rules. If I believe your review isn’t appropriate for the project for any other reason I’ll let you know.


Sign up for the mid-month newsletter to receive links to everyone’s reviews for the month.