I’d Like to Introduce You To Someone Special

This photo was taken last August the day before my Grandads birthday in my Aunts Garden.This is my Grandma and my cousins D and M.
My Grandma was an amazing lady. She brought up four children, My Dad, My Uncle Steve, My Auntie Alison and My Uncle Jon. She then was part of mine and my cousin’s development into the young people we are today.

Her birthday is the 2nd April which is also my parents wedding anniversary.

I’m glad that she was able to see me graduate from University last year – she was at the ceremony which was really good – unfortunately she doesn’t really like her photo taken so she wouldn’t have a photo taken with me in my graduation stuff.

My Grandma was an amazing woman as I said at the top. I can recount lots of stories that she’d tell me about my Dad and my aunt and Uncles, like when my Dad put my Aunt in the bath fully clothed or used to pick Jon up by his ankles and things like that.

I remember one time we were at Grandma’s and I sat on the stepladder in the middle of the garden singing Edelweiss. I didn’t know all the words but I made up the rest when I forgot them!

Most Wednesday’s Grandma would meet me, D, M and my Bro from school (we went to two different lower schools but they were next door to each other!) and we’d go for tea – when Uncle Jon lived with Grandma and Grandad – he’d wind us up something stupid then send us home to our parents – Mum and Dad weren’t definitely not impressed!!!!!


  1. Tough Girl Kat says:

    The benefit of baby sitting is that you get the kids hyper then send them home with their parents. I thin it’s a good deal 🙂

    that’s a lovely photo though, she sounds like a fabulous lady!

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