22 Goals in 2022

I’ve never been a fan of resolutions and often end up with a list of goals instead. Here’s my list of 22 goals for 2022.

  1. Drops for Danish – try to complete the monthly challenge each month.
  2. Disney Movies – as of Christmas 2021, Disney Animations Studios have released 60 films so I’m attempting to watch all of them (2/60 done). You can see the list here.
  3. Reading – Read 50 Books in 2022 (20th April – Currently on 22)
  4. Copenhagen Companion – Complete the three walks from The Copenhagen Companion.
  5. Knitting – Write and publish my own knitting pattern.
  6. Exploring – Write and publish an ebook of exploring Copenhagen.
  7. Travel – take an international flight by myself. DONE
  8. HealthComplete the Apple Fitness goals for each month.
  9. Language – XP Goals on Duolingo
  10. Language – Sign up for Danish lessons DONE
  11. Knitting/Crochet – Complete my 9 Makes in 2022. I’m sure there will be more projects but these are the goals I’ve written down at the beginning of this year.
  12. CPH Yarn Stash – Catalogue and log what I have
  13. Reading – Clear Currently Reading on Goodreads
  14. Reading Cassandra Clare Buddy Read
  15. Reading – Re-read Harry Potter (No expense – downloaded the Kindle Editions while they were on free)
  16. Quiz – The Quizmaster of our weekly music quiz also runs an online quiz so my goal is to try and complete every week of that this year.

20th April 2022

If you’re here having a read now, you’ll see that my list is still not complete. I’m working on filling in the gaps but some bits are definitely harder than others. I want to make sure that the goals have clear targets and goals otherwise they can be a bit of a challenge to complete. Each goal I try to run past the SMART idea to make sure they are things I can complete.