Hannah’s Slimming World Report: Week 3, 4, 5 and 6

Today was my weigh in at Slimming World. Here’s my progress:

Hannah's Slimming World Report

Hello there. Sorry I’ve been a bit lax with the updates. On the 13th we flew to Italy (I’m still meaning to write a post or two an it that!) and that seems to have thrown everything out even though it was only for a couple of days.

Week 3 – 12th January

I weighed in the night before we flew to Italy. The idea being that hopefully I wouldn’t go to mad while I was away. We did end up having pizza to nights in a row and I did enjoy a couple of cream cakes but I don’t think I went mad. I did have some of Chris’s gelato one day which was very yummy!

Balancing the food against that the amount of walking we did and it wasn’t all that bad. According to my Fitbit, I walked a total of 26 miles across 3 days. That’s a bit mad!

Week 4 – 17th January

With Mum going away at the weekend we ended up weighing in on Tuesday to make sure we had both done it. I had thought that any weigh gain from the Italy trip would show this week but it didn’t. I think it pushed itself into next week instead.

Week 5 – 26th January

I think this was a delayed reaction combined with some laziness on my part. Chris has been doing a great job making sure the dinners we are Slimming World friendly and Gluten Free for him too. We’ve had a wide range of choice including Vegetable Paella and Chicken Chasseur.

I stood on the scales at group. I’d gained 1.5 pounds – oh dear! Not good! Right let’s get this thing sorted out. So we came home after group and Diet Coke Chicken was for dinner so that helped with cutting down temptation. I even looked at going to a yoga class at John Bunyan Sports Centre but they were fully booked. I was offered the opportunity to book into next week’s class but I had to explain to the guy that I was trying to book in because our Community Group had been cancelled for the week and that meant I had a free evening. I’ve booked in for a couple of exercise sessions next week – trying to squish in some more classes before my pass runs out – oops!

This morning I walked to my friend’s house too which meant that by the time I walked back to Preschool to collect Jaxon I had hit my 10k steps and was heading towards 5 miles walked in one day. A couple from church have set the target to walk a 1000 miles in 2017, I think I might adopt this idea too. This works out about 83.3 miles per month so far for January with four days to the end to the end of the month I am on 82.9 miles.

Week 6 – 2nd February

I knew this week wasn’t going to be good. I knew it was going to be bad.

1.5lbs on

Yep. Not good at all. Do the maths – I’m only just about over half a stone lost from where I started. I NEED TO GET THIS FIXED!

Having weighed in, Mum and I headed home. Chris has been making dinner while Jaxon ate his tea so dinner was nearly ready when I got in. I tried booking in for a Yoga class using my gym pass while I still have it but the Thursday class was fully booked again. I booked in for the yoga class tonight (Friday) and headed to the gym anyway. I did a bit of running and cycling as well as some leg curls. Not sure how much of any of that will do anything specific but I’m sure it helped in the grand scheme of things.

I made sure I was as close to on plan as I could today (Friday). Having ran out of time to have breakfast before taking Jaxon to preschool, I threw two hi-fi bars in my bag and meant to pick up a banana but I forgot. Having dropped Jaxon at preschool, I caught the bus to my meeting. As I had time to spare I popped to the local shop and got a bag of bananas as well as two yoghurts (even though the cake did attract my attention when I walked past!). One of the yoghurts ended up with a hole punctured in the lid so I had to bin it instead of eating it. Minus a little pack of Go Ahead Cookies (5 syns) and a packet of Nakd Salted Caramel Nibbles (7 syns) I was on plan. I ate like three bananas though so might be all banana-ed out soon! Haha!

I’m hoping it’s made a difference and I’ll see a change. Here’s hoping…roll on week 7!

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