My radical choice

OK so it’s not major radical but it is for me. Earlier I decided that as my “ballet” shoes that I wear for work most days are falling apart I decided that I was going to buy some grown up shoes.

My New Heels

I went to Brantano over at Interchange where I bought my last few pairs of work shoes or school shoes when I’ve needed smart shoes. There were lots of pretty shoes – there were a very nice pair that were navy with fushia pinks polka dots on them – now they sound wacky but they’re not – I promise. 

My Mum thought it was different but she knew it was because I wanted to look more grown up and smart for work – after all even though trainers and ballet shoes are comfy they aren’t exactly smart! 

I got home and CJ was too busy taking the mickey out of me because my choice was out of character. 

I’m two minds whether to: 

A) take the shoes back and exchange for something more me. 


B) Tell CJ to jump and wear them all the same!

I think I’d go with B but I almost want to go with A to prove a point.


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