My Mum tells me the story of how when I was little I didn’t eat – I just kinda stopped for a little while and then started again.

Anyway I’ve kinda used that as my reason to love food. After all I’m kinda catching up. For years if anything I was underweight I think I was between 4 and 6 stone till I was about 13 and now at 22 I’m about 11 stone. Now yeah ok thats a little overweight for my height but it’s not doing me any major damage at the moment so do I really need to overly spazz about my weight, the food I eat or the way I look.

So CJ and me went to the supermarket and it was fine till we got home.

On Saturday while I was in Sheffield my left knee seized up and when I managed to put weight on it my leg gave way completely. I told CJ about this yesterday and he’s now on another power crusade about the food I eat and whether I’m getting enough vitamins and minerals.

When I was younger my Mum had problems with her knees and when I had a growth spurt I had problems with my knees – again I’m not worried. On Saturday I’d been driving lots so I just put it down to the fact that my knee was relaxing and calming down having been over exercised.

Maybe it’s just me!

I am probably going to take the shoes back and get them exchanged as even in different socks and no socks my little toe is still getting squished. I’m off to try tights before I go to bed if they don’t work then I’m going to take the shoes back – I am probably going to go for heels again just need to make sure that they are comfy.

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  1. Sara says:

    I don’t know how much 11 stone is! If you are concerned about your vitamins, get something you can take once a day. 🙂 Eat better and you will feel better!

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