002: Review: December

Review (December)

Places Visited
Suffolk – to see CJ’s Aunt and introduce Our Sidekick to more family members
Renhold – to see my Grandparents and family (my cousin had to work so we didn’t see my Aunt Uncle and other Cousin *sad face*)

Films Seen

The Smurfs
Mr Bean’s Holiday
Little Manhattan
Vicky Christina Barcelona
Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol
Captain America
New Year’s Eve
Hotel For Dogs
Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows
Karate Kid

The Month In Bullets

  • Because of a bit of a fail on my part I ended up seeing Breaking Dawn twice – first with Our Sidekick and then second with my Aunt and my Cousin.
  • Back in November, I didn’t think that I wanted an Advent Calendar – then it got to the beginning of December and I really wanted one. (Then again I shared one with 7 other people at work – I think I got like 3 chocolates)
  • My Cousin had an interview at Cambridge – I think she was excited about it but didn’t want to get too excited if she was then disappointed further down the road – I think any university that offer her a place will be lucky to have her – she’s brainy and hardworking – what more could you ask for?
  • My friend Bex got married (I tweeted about it using #DecemberWedding as a hashtag). A group of us surprised her with a impromptu hen do. It was lovely and I think she was genuinely surprised that it had been pulled together so secretively.
  • Had enough holiday that from mid-November I had 4 day weeks – it was good but also screwed with my brain.
  • We moved office at work. Our Sidekick came into the office with me for two hours after school as I was trying to finish up some bits and I figured it would be a bit more fun and something different to come to work with me for a little while then sit at home alone. (He drew Monteriggioni from Assassin’s Creed while sat at my desk – my Manager was proper impressed!)
  • I guess I really started it towards the end of November but December was the proper starting point – I’m journalling by hand again – we’ll see how it goes but I saw some amazing hand written journals in a craft store at the weekend.
  • We had a secret santa at work – I got Si our new guy as my Santa – he got me a pale pink scarf – it’s absolutely lovely and so warm but keeps malting over whatever I’m wearing (like today – black jumper was covered in pink “hairs” for most of the day!).
  • Me and Mum went to The Wool Shop in Olney on New Year’s Eve but it was closed (they didn’t have their opening hours listed on their website). We walked a diverted route back to the car as Mum knew of another craft shop that she thought I might like – it’s called LB Crafts but they’ve closed as the owner as retired. Well we were on third time lucky so I sat googling for a store that Mum knew of but couldn’t quite remember the name of it – in the end we somehow found it between her phone and my phone. It’s called Threads and Patches but also has The Knitting Basket as part of their business (Craftability used to be there too but they are just running workshops instead of being a whole shop as well – or something like that). We had a good time and I have some more wool to knit – I seriously need to start selling some of the scarves etc that I make because although I use up my stash I still have things to use.

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