032: To You, Me, We and They.

There was a plan and I broke it so this post is winging it. I spent this evening discussing music with about 5 or 6 different people on Facebook – our thread was about 100 comments long in the end – I haven’t had conversations like that in ages. We also discussed the cap on benefits on another post after a friend posted this article.

I spend yesterday evening at dinner and the night before I watched The Young Victoria while babysitting and writing my appraisal for work.

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I’ve also been playing alot with Pinterest. You can click on that clever big p and it will take you to my profile if you’re on there. I’m part of two shared boards which is interesting as you then have two or three (or more) pinning ideas for different things.

Well I need to go and finish up some bits and head bed-wards.

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