037: Dear Monday


Joining with Megan from The Happy Day Blog. You can see her post here.

Dear Monday, I gave in, I got up this morning and went to work – I’d been at work about ten minutes and my colleague commented how ill I looked – and I agreed with her – I felt like my brain had been turned to mush. Somehow I got through about three hours of work and then came home. Due to Chris needing the car I had to fit in with when he could get me from work and bring me home but it worked.

ILL! (1/365)
(This isn’t me – but it portrays exactly what I was thinking lol. It was found here)
Dear Chris, this week/weekend you have shown so much love to other people including me – whether it was discussing God’s Love and the Holy Spirit with Our Sidekick on Wednesday, running a quiz at Tori’s party on Saturday (it didn’t go 100% smoothly but I know Tori’s friends all enjoyed it) and helping the group of us with the lady who slipped over near Woodside even though it made your back ache a little bit on Sunday. You have this huge heart for so many people and help where you can. I love you 🙂

Dear Snow, you arrived on Saturday during Tori’s 18th Birthday Party – my Aunt and her best friend were so excited about the snow – You know how in films they have like the young version of a person reacting to the situation then in a blink of an eye it’s switched back to the current time. That’s what it would have been like on Saturday – my aunt and her friend ran out into the snow without coats on – they ran around in circles before heading back in again. Then again I ran outside without a coat or a jumper on and wrote Tori’s name in the snow.

Dear 4pm nap, I’m not entirely sure where you came from, I heard Our Sidekick get in from school but the next thing I knew it was 5pm and Chris was heading out to his meeting. I’m sure I needed it though.

Dear Friend’s, Romans and Countrymen, let me your ears (or mouse clicking finger) please go and vote for us. If you want more information click here then follow the link. Thank you (That’s two clicks and a small bit of reading – it would make a huge difference to The Fountain (Bedford) project if you could take the time to click thank you muchlie).

Dear CJ, (you get two letters a la Today’s Letters) thank you for playing Hannah’s Taxi today – you took me to work (so that you could use the car lol) and then fitted in collecting me from work too. You then went out this evening in the cold and slushie snow to get ingredients for Our Sidekick’s Food Technology homework – technically this was my job but at 7ish when it was dealt with the idea of going out in the cold was just too much for me. Thank you lovely one.

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