058: Twitter “Dream” Class


Well this isn’t entirely true but it made sense – occasionally I go through my Facebook friends and clear off those I don’t really talk to any more (or thoe who didn’t speak to me at school so were they really going to speak to me now….?). To point this out I think I went through a stage when the idea of having the most friends I could was “cooler” than having a meaningful friends with a few. (Not what you know, it’s who you know at this point).

So now I’ve “seen the light” and cleared out those I don’t talk to or don’t talk to me or those whose statues are just too rude or insulting to put up with.

I RT’d this opening tweet and got a reply from @Maft.


So this got me thinking who would be in my dream Twitter class.

I think @beccaspeaks, @rubyam and me would either be a group of A Grade students, teachers pets or we’d be always in trouble like St. Trinian’s (I’d have been a geek or emo in the new version!) Then again it’s my dream class so I make us the cool kids lol.

I then got thinking what about the rest of the class, although all the people I am friends with on Twitter we clearly have something in common to make us like minds but we all have different talents as well.

Each class as a joker just like @drmasquerade, or a bookworm like @smallxcharming. Then you get the arty kids like @ClareJennifer or musicians like @vickybeeching and tech geeks like @cgbj or @adamswbrown.

Over To You

  • Do you find that you have a divide – some friends here and some there?
  • Were you in a particular group at school? I was in the Emo group and didn’t particularly fit in anywhere else.
  • Who did I miss? Would you like to be in my Twitter “Dream” Class?


  1. Lily says:

    I trimmed my Twitter to just a handful of “real” people who say different things there than they do elsewhere. I mainly follow news sites and a few celebrities. I also use my Twitter to complain! Hahaha!

    I was in the theatre geek group. No one liked us. But then we were an odd lot.

    I’m old enough to be the teacher of your dream class =>

    Lily-Thinking Thoughts

    • Hannie says:

      I was a bit of a theatre geek too – I guess there have to be some of us somewhere along the line lol. I was one of the hard working ones rather than the ones who took drama because it was an easy lesson.

  2. Ian Braisby says:

    I want to be in your class too! Can I be the in-between kid – who gets top grades without too much effort, and isn’t really in any “group”. But gets on well enough with all groups to tag along and be mates with them.
    And a request, please do not let SJB be the teacher, she would be far too strict.

    On the general FB/Twitter point, I tend to keep the two quite separate. Twitter is where I chat to people, especially those who are more involved in my life now, and with my work, whereas FB is more of a reminiscing and catching up place, with old school/university/work friends. But I like both, and find FB a good way of keeping up with people without either person having to make too much effort! Having said that, I do need a purge of my friends list sometime soon.

    • Hannie says:

      It’s okay she commented a little while later (see below) and accentuated the point that she didn’t want to be the teacher. Then again I’m not sure I spelt that right – I might need an English lesson!

      I agree about FB being somewhere you can catch up without too much effort – usually if it’s important enough the news will appear on that front screen that confronts you each time you load it.

  3. Sally-Jayne says:

    I don’t want to be the teacher in the dream class thank you. Enough of that in my real life without it spilling over into Hannah’s imaginary world! I’ll be the quiet girl who sits at the back, gets on with the work and hopes nobody notices her.

    • Hannie says:

      Somewhere along the line I was the hard working one but I think I ended up sitting in the front. I used to sit in the back row in History because I didn’t misbehave but then it was too easy to not focus sitting that far back. Then again World War 2 and The Cold War was really really mind numbingly boring when you’re just copying out of textbooks – probably explains how come I failed GCSE History and I’m pretty sure I ended up with the war starting after it finished or something like that because I got so confused!

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