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100 Words

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100 Word Challenge: Week 32

“You’re going to laugh, I forgot my keys too” He said through the letterbox. “Come round to the window and I’ll help you.”

I walked from the front door to the living room window.

“I tried climbing out the window but I’m too big” I said “I got as far as sitting on the window sill but I wasn’t sure how far it was too the ground and I couldn’t get out.”

“Don’t be silly – it’s easy.” he said. Before I could protest he was explaining how to get out. “So sit there and then take a leap of faith.”

So this is a true story – okay some bits were adapted to fit in the prompt but this did happen last week. I’d left my keys at work and ended up locked in our house. There was a bit of a technical hitch as Chris didn’t have his keys so I ended up climbing out the window anyway lol. It was funny (and Chris didn’t tell me to take a leap of faith lol)


  1. Sally-Jayne says:

    The experts always do way “Write what you know”! Lol. Can just picture you realising you’re locked in and then having to climb out of the window.

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