062: Let’s Do Something Friday

This post had started as a bullet point on my Review post from yesterday but as I sat on my bed and wrote what I could (And killed my battery!) the bullet point was becoming a post on it’s own so I moved it over. Today I would normally take part in Fill In The Blanks Friday hosted by Lauren at The Little Things We Do. My answers to Lauren’s prompts will follow tomorrow – I think this needs to be said.

My last bullet is this and I really really want you to pay attention please just for a little longer. I know you’ve had a hard day and life might not exactly be going to plan but trust me it could be a whole bunch worse.

Christian artists Matt and Beth Redman along with LZ7 (aka Lindz) have released a song this week, it’s called Twenty Seven Million and the aim is to get it to Number 1 – not so we can knock a reality start off of the top spot or something like that but to raise awareness of a problem that needs to be dealt with, now and not later. Before you go “Oh it’s by a Christian artist therefore it’s all about God.” – it’s not. If you don’t believe me read the lyrics here before you watch the YouTube video here. And if you want to download it you can find it on iTunes, Amazon MP3 and other legal download sites). Let’s get it to Number 1, let’s raise awareness. It’s about 99p, that’s less than a cup of tea/coffee from your favourite coffee shop.

Have you heard of Human Trafficking? Yes? No? Maybe? Well Wilberforce might have stood up and been part of a group to abolish slavery but what if I told you there is still slavery here and now. It’s happening across our towns and cities. There are an estimated twenty seven million people who are victims of human trafficking.

To give you an idea of how many people that is:

Wembley Stadium has a capacity of 90,000.
27 million is the equivalent of Wembley filled 300 times.

According to the United States Census Bureau the estimated population last year of New York State was 19,465,197 – so that’s about 19.4 million give or take a few.Then I started looking for another state with a population of 6 million – well I started with Hawaii – it was too little so I headed for a page on Wikipedia and found that Missouri is about the 6 million mark – Missouri is like two states up North West ish from Texas (and home to Becca, Koree and Amy)

27 million is the state of New York (19.4m) plus Missouri (6m ish)

So that’s a lot of people and something needs to be done about it – well first we can raise awareness – who’s with me?

The girls who are trafficked are sisters, daughters, cousins and friends.

The guys who are trafficked are brothers, sons, cousins and friends.

This needs to STOP!

Twenty Seven Million – like me…….

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