074: Randoms

One plus point of having a cold is that I spent a bunch of time thinking over stuff because I have very little energy to actually do anything physical (or at least too much physical stuff), usually at silly o’clock of the morning when I’ve woken up coughing or just scared myself awake again.

One of these thoughts that pinged up was – is there a time when you should admit defeat and throw in the towel when it comes to writing a blog? To me it doesn’t seem to be that easy to figure out what the problem is. I’ve read blogs in the past where people have noticed that less people comment when they have to fill in a captcha – it does put me off but at the same time I get the logic of having a captcha and reducing the spam you get on your blog (I get around 100 spam comments in the space of a few days). Is that when you’ve seen no/little growth over a particular period of time? I know it shouldn’t be about the readership but it is nice to know that someone is bothered when I haven’t written for a little while or something like that.

i give up kitty

Yesterday evening was time for a checkup with our social worker, well I got in from work and they were almost finished so hoping it was good. It’s our social worker’s birthday between now and when we should see him next so we’ve got him a birthday card. We also had to finish up Our Sidekick’s homework about christian funerals – I’m surprised that his teachers don’t specify how much work is needed (a side of A4 for example) and Our Sidekick doesn’t bring home school books for the lessons – even when he has homework – is this just his school or is it a done thing now?

I’m taking Our Sidekick to the dentist last today – he goes to a different one to me and Chris so it’ll be interesting to be nosey at another practice lol. Had to write a Parent/Guardian letter to the school asking them to let him out during the school day – thankfully they are understanding that sometimes it can’t be helped.

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